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  1. The ladder has 3 also. The Assistant Chief is the tenth person on the shift. Currently, this is still our minimum. That fourth guy on each rig makes a huge difference.
  2. Date:1/26/18 Time:10:39 Location:165 Broadway District: Battalion:3 Channel:Newburgh FG Weather:Cold Units:Newburgh Car 4 (Command) Truck 1, Engine 1 & 3 2nd alarm: Newburgh Car 2&3, Truck 10, Engine 10, Fire Investigation. Mutual Aid : West Point Truck, Stewart Engine 11, OC Car 13, MLSS Stand-by Companies: Good Will Engine, Vails Gate Truck both to NFD HQ Writer: Newburgher Description:3 story ordinary, fire in the basement. 10:41 Car 4 on scene, transmitting the 2nd alarm on arrival for a fire in the basement. Occupants in 2nd and 3rd floor evacuated safely. Fire confined to basement and extinguished by 1st line. No extension to upper floors. Two dogs located in fire area and removed to sidewalk. Oxygen administrated, both survived. Under control at 11:15 Last Unit cleared at 12:30 **We do not have a Car 1, Car 5, or any Companies designated Ladder 2, Engine 2, or Engine 4**
  3. Not for the units outside of the NYS foam task force. This trailer is from the same manufacturer and identical, but I don't believe it's one of the 17 owned by the state
  4. Newburgh works 24s also, but it's 72 off. I know Kingston and Poughkeepsie do also, but I don't know for a fact what their time off is
  5. I just realized the same picture appears twice. The duplicate can be removed if it needs to be
  6. Picture of the Snorkel after it left Newburgh. With lots of wires and narrow streets, it didnt stay here long, and went to Monticello next. How long they had it, I do not know. Poughkeepsie had one for a short time too
  7. This picture shows the Snorkel, along with the rest of the in service ( at the time) American LaFrances.
  8. This was the Snorkel that Newburgh tried. With lots of wires and narrow streets, it only stayed a short time. It then went to Monticello, I don't know how long the kept it though.
  9. We know. The guy with no direct knowledge told us already.
  10. Then, why would you answer?
  11. Are they trained and certified the same as soldiers?
  12. Rear mount, 100' Aerials: 1- We can't afford tillers 2-99% of the time, we are working through wires, not enough room for a tower ladder 3-Modern tower ladders in our surrounding area have way too much tail swing to even maneuver around our streets in the warm weather, forget about when there are snow banks and even tighter streets and intersections. 4-99% of our fires, the truck is needed for roof/building access, not fly pipe operations. 5-The aerial tip is easier to get on and off of than crawling under a bar in the Tower's dumpster. When we need exterior water flows, we do call for a tower ladder, and have them included on the 2nd alarm for our Broadway commercial buildings. They are just too big and clumsy to use for the majority of our calls and fires.
  13. That is correct. The reserve apparatus, when manned are designated Truck 10, Engine 10, 11
  14. With our SAFER grant, we routinely had four and sometimes five guys on our rigs. The difference was pretty dramatic. We went from one guy stretching the first line to two or three. Our current minimum is three on a rig. Trying to get better manning is something they were trying to achieve long before I got here. We cover 3 square miles and a population of 30,000+. More than half of the population is below the poverty line. Median income is around $23,000. Out of 7,000 buildings, 980 are vacant. We routinely apply for and utilize grant money for everything we can.
  15. Depending on the time and day of the week, 10-20 minutes. We have no control over the volunteers crewing. Our area is already experiencing volunteer burnout from every district around us using automatic response for every call.