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Looming Layoffs in the City of Newburgh FD

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Here we are again, facing layoffs in the City of Newburgh FD.  TWELVE firemen are on the chopping block this time around. 

That amounts to (1) less fireman on each piece of apparatus on each tour. 

Anybody who has operated on a fire ground knows how detrimental that is. 

It angers me to see this happening yet again. I'm angry because several of the firemen facing layoffs are my friends.  What makes me more angry is that the City has done little to nothing to prevent this from happening. This should not have come as a surprise. Steps should have been taken in an attempt to avoid these layoffs at all costs. That did not happen. 

Ive said it before and I'll say it again. Hats off to these gentlemen, all of the NFD. They are some of the most aggressive firemen I have ever seen work and have had the pleasure of working with them. 

I truly hope for a miracle to keep these men on the job. They deserve it, their fellow members deserve it and the City deserves the proper protection. 

Once again, Senator Sean Patrick Maloney has impressed me. This man has continuously had the backs of the NFD and its members. He has faught for them before and continues to do so today. Let's hope he can help once again. 


Link to Times Herald Record video of news conference at NFD.




Link to the Mid Hudson News;




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Best of luck to the NFD. Happy to see the politicians are speaking up.


If my math is correct, that's 25% of the staff on the floor! I'd assume they'd keep 3 at the sub-station and then drop to 3 on the HQ engine, 2 on the ladder, plus the Assistant Chief. Totally unacceptable. Before looking it up, I figured a city of 28K in 5 square miles would be running 3 or 4 engines and would have about 17 or 18 per shift. How are they going to cover a CITY with 9 guys?

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The ladder has 3 also. The Assistant Chief is the tenth person on the shift. Currently, this is still our minimum. That fourth guy on each rig makes a huge difference.

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