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  1. the bridgeport pd chase that ended in a crash happened 18 days prior to airing
  2. Sunday Nov 16 at 10am the city of derby fire department will be dedicating our 9-11 memorial. After countless hours of work and fundraising by past chief niccoletti. All are invited to attend, dedication will be held on the derby green on elizabeth st .
  3. Derby ct just awarded the contract for engine 12s replacement to pierce
  4. It made me sick when I saw this. it just shows it's money over people out there now.
  5. The only one we have in our town is made of 6" heavy duty plastic pipe. I don't know the reasoning of why it's like that I'm used to the rest of the town having hydrants.
  6. From the CT post FAIRFIELD --Round-the-clock crews in Fairfield have removed the all the train cars involved in Friday's collision, righting the toppled cars and coupling them to an engine bound for a repair yard in New Haven. Train service is expected to be curtailed until "well into next week," said Adam Lisberg, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman. He declined to comment on the investigation into the cause of the accident, deferring all questions to the National Transportation Safety Board. Officials will now turn their attention to replacing nearly 2,000 feet of damaged tracks. "Our crews will essentially be rebuilding two thousand feet of damaged track, and overhead wires and signal system," Metro-North Railroad president Howard Permut said in a news release. "This amounts to the wholesale reconstruction of a two-track electrified railroad. It will take multiple days of around-the-clock work to that, and than to inspect, test and requalify the newly rebuilt infrastructure. Unfortunately, service disruptions on this section of the New Haven Line are expected to continue well into the coming week." On Sunday, an engine slowly pulled away from the scene of the crash, with the three remaining three train cars in tow. One of the cars had been partly disemboweled by the collision; a ratchet strap was stretched firmly along one of its walls to hold it in place. State transportation officials announced that they will unveil a "service plan" that will include bus service for the 15,000 to 20,000 passengers who ride "between New Haven and Bridgeport, and between Bridgeport to points west of the site of the derailment." "Substantial work remains to be done at the site of Friday's train derailment in Bridgeport. The NTSB continues its investigation and there is extensive work to be done on the tracks and overhead wires that supply power to New Haven Line trains," state Department of Transportation officials said in a news release.
  7. A neighbor of my fathers told me today that he doesn't see that stretch open until at least Wednesday. He works for the metro north line maintenance division and they still have no idea how badly the rails and ties are damaged and don't know if the rails shifted and if they did how far down they shifted.
  8. My fiancé just got her wrists done and the artist just said for the first couple weeks nothing constricting around her wrists to let it heal and then she will be fine. Also keep in mind not to have the design go where the creases in the wrist are because you will risk having the ink blow out
  9. http://www.utilitycycling.org/2009/12/fire-service-bicycles/
  10. this is what I did I used tissue paper and got some boxes that were just bigger than 1 code 3. I put the code 3 each small box packed with tissue paper and sealed it with tape and packed them into a larger box. I didn't experience any damage to the models without the domes
  11. I saw Barnstable county mass? Trench rescue team going south on 95 in Milford CT today. Were they headed down there, there was also a communications trailer following them.
  12. http://animoto.com/play/MQYDOP3hgfjvDzRDkG29wQ
  13. I'm not sure the guy I spoke with said they have had a few people calling and wanting to look at it. Asof 3:30 it was still for sale
  14. I just called up they are looking to get $10,000 but it's negotiable. It was taken out of service last night still fully functional. They got a newer engine that is a 1997 to replace it unkown make.
  15. Nice from that pic she looks to be in pretty damned good condition. Bet of luck to you guys.