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  1. 1) The land owned by the Bedford Fire District is actually located on the corner of Old Post Road and Southbrook Rd, directly across from Greenwich Road. Not at Route 172 and Route 22. 2) Bedford is in committee to replace Engine 110, a 1987 Seagrave Engine. The members of the department and district feel that replacing the engine is what they need to better serve the community. 3) As a Chief of a neighboring department that has an excellent social and working relationship with the Bedford Fire Department I can say that the departments in our area (especially the 13th and 16th Battalions) train multiple times a year and we run through as many "Water Supply" and structural firefighting scenarios as we can plus we all run together on a regular basis. We all know the resources the BFD has to offer. Engine 109 is the scene engine, going directly to the seat of the fire. while Engine 108 lays to or from a water source, while the mutual aid tankers nurse or set up for shuttle operations. The Chief Officers of BFD have done a great job for pre planning all of their box alarms for Greater Alarms. On any reported Structure Fire in their district, they get at a minimum of a mutual aid Ladder Company and Tanker, and as the incident envolves so do the resources called in their predetermined Greater Alarm polices. 4) In this time with all of the talks of how Fire Departments should be consolidating, sharing resources is the most economical and fairest option for the taxpayers of the Bedford Fire District and the Town of Bedford. 5) Lastly, in regards to the Pound Ridge Incident, The Chief called the resources he felt were necessary for THAT incident, and in no way was he trying to "shaft" BFD out of the mutual aid assignment. Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving! J.Nickson Asst. Chief BHFD
  2. I think you need to reread our Instagram. We utilize social media to keep the community we serve in the know and update it accordingly. We've never made any mention the engine was in service. Thanks
  3. No, not at all! I'm unsure where your getting your information from. We are still completing driver training and familiarization. We hope to have it in service shortly.
  4. Engine 198 is in service? That's weird, nobody told me. I am only the Co-Chairman of the truck committee.
  5. If you insist......
  6. That apparatus list you are quoting is from 2010. The 2012 KME "Rescue 85" has never been referred as Engine 285. While Rescue 85 was under construction the rig was listed as "Reserved", and placed in service as such on its arrival.
  7. Bedford Hills Fire Department Sunday October 14th, 2012 1pm-4pm Bedford Hills Fire Headquarters 332 Bedford Road Fire Prevention Activities, Live Demonstrations and Refreshments to be served. There will also be tours of our recently completed Headquarters!
  8. Engine 113 was the source pumper at the dry hydrant on Oscaleta road. E113 fed E112 and E140 that were the relay pumpers in line up to the fire scene. During the operation of the Tower Ladder 57, Tanker 2 was used to supply the master stream. I hope this clears everything thing up for the brothers that were not on the scene and are monday morning quaterbacking rural water operations...... Us up here in the North county do not always have the luxury of having those red things every 500 feet. Sometimes we need to get down and dirty and actually lay out an entire bed of hose.
  9. Just to let you all know, Joe came home yesterday morning. He is doing well, is up and walking around and is in very good spirits.
  10. Hey guys, I just wanted to give you all an update on Joe. He had surgery on the 15th, they removed most of his colon. I went down to see him last night, he was in very good spirits and he was up walking around during the day. He is making very good progress and hopes to be out of the hospital by late next week.
  11. Bedford Police Officer and BHFD Deputy Chief Joseph Liburdi was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer. The Bedford Hills Fire Department will be sponsoring a Blood Drive in his honor; we encourage all who are eligible to please donate. This is for a great cause, please spread the word! The Blood Drive will begin at 15:00 and go until 21:00 on Monday December 3, 2007 at the Bedford Hills Fire Headquarters located at 332 Bedford Road, Bedford Hills. Again we ask that you spread the word the word to you respected agencies. If interested in donating blood please contact BHFD President William Nickson at 914-666-3581 for an appointment or walk-ins are welcome the day of the Blood Drive. Thank You, The BHFD Membership
  12. KBHVAC will be replacing Ambulance 65-B2 AKA 52 currently a 2000 Ford F-550 PL Custom Type III ...... with a 2006 Ford F-550 PL Custom Type III
  13. "Wild Boys"- Duran Duran
  14. I believe that Vista Has a FWD ambulance Vista refers to it as Ambulance 22. Im not sure what its 60-Control number is either 84-B1or B2
  15. One Engine and a Rescue.....bid go out this month i believe