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  1. State Police have gone with a new lightbar ditching the Liberty's. Don't know yet if they are using them on the Tahoes 3G24
  2. They look to be using the the same hi-rise bar them been using. Also TBTAPD are using the new whelen bar as well as the new FDNY trucks.
  3. New Troop NYC Cars. 3M78
  4. New York State Police MRT 3. This unit covers the Capital Region around Albany.
  5. A few vehicles the US Army Garrison Military Police Company. What I saw they have 3 marked Utilities(1 in ghost graphics), 1 unmarked utility, 1 unmarked Impala, and 1 F-150 with ghost graphics.
  6. Yea, what he said, lol... 3 days late...
  7. 2 Port Authority of NY/NJ Office of Emergency Management rigs at Stewart Interntaional Airport (SWF).
  8. Lake Huntington Fire Company (Sullivan County) Tanker 15-32 2015 KME Predator - 2000gpm/2500gwt GSO# 9644
  9. The DEC is putting into service new Dodge Durangos (pictured below) and Ram pickups (not pictured).
  10. Here is the new body style Chargers, first of their kind up here. Saratoga Springs Police has 3 that are currently awaiting upfit.
  11. I wish the SP would bring back the Camaro or something sporty, I do miss them.
  12. Correct but after the batch they have it will be Chargers. Here is the Interceptor setup
  13. The New York State Police seem to have chosen the AWD Charger as it's replacement over what I thought was going to be the Ford Police Interceptor. Here are the variants, 2T23 and K111 are AWD models and G110 and G108 are RWD models
  14. No black hoods huh...... And DOT is blue hoods. William Brown photo Actually just came across this on Flickr