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  1. The question about Echo responses is really up to the department. The thing about non traditional resources responding is really for paid departments that have a lot of staffed apparatus. This way if there was a CPR call across the street from a rescue company or Hazmat company they would respond along with the assigned box. I never got the BLS hot / ALS cold thing on the Charlie responses either, but that is thr model in the EMD training guides. Again it is probably designed for paid systems that have many more BLS units than ALS. This way the closer BLS unit responds hot and assesses the patient and can make a decision on cancelling the ALS unit or upgrading them to an emergency response. Charlie level calls are most ALS calls that are not imminently life threading. (I.e. Diabetics but conscious, Abdominal pain over age 35, Difficulty breathing but still alert and able to speak in full sentences; Stroke symptoms without airway compromise; Chest pain without altered mental status or severe diff. Breathing )
  2. Every agency will have this system set up different. But the basic version is: A - BLS unit non emergency B- BLS unit emergency C- BLS unit emergency and ALS unit non emergency D - BLS and ALS emergency E- BLS and ALS emergency + closest unit (like Hazmat, fire marshals etc) E is basically for what they call ineffective breathing and only a few calls are E (CPR, Hanging, Drowning/Submerged Vehicle occupied) Now the agencies can change things. For example in Orange County it basically is A - BLS non emergency B - BLS emergency C/D/E - BLS and ALS emergency
  3. Date: 2/19/17 Time: 2055 Location: 70 Carol Drive District: Monroe Joint Fire District Battalion: 5 Channel: Weather: Units: Monroe, Warwick (FAST T633), Greenwood Lake (TA621), Chester (Engine, TA919), Woodbury (E525, Tanker), Tuxedo (Engine), South Blooming Grove (LZ) Writer: v85 Description: 2nd alarm structure fire with Medivac called 2105: Goshen 1 Engine to Monroe Station 3 2110: ALS unit arriving on scene
  4. TBTA is the Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority. They are a part of the MTA that maintains several crossings including the RFK bridge, Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and Midtown Tunnel there is a rumor that their law enforcement was to be absorbed into the NYSP but given the truck, they may try to split them off from MTA into their own agency, hence why no agency markings
  5. that is TBTAs new color scheme
  6. All NYC firefighters are NYS peace officers by law. I wonder what DCJS will say when they get the peace officer forms with the yes, I have been convicted of a felony box marked off
  7. How do they deal with the paperwork? Or is that when they jump. I can't imagine anyone wanting to see hours of report writing
  8. Did Mobile Life get Transcare's CON?
  9. No I agree with you. I would not run a fire department like that if I ever got the chance, and I believe it has changed in my area as well. I believe the historical reason was that by leaving some local companies back, they could guide the farther away companies about local knowledge and hazards. Of course now with GPS and CAD and computerized preplans that isn't needed as much or at all anymore as far as the fast team thing, I don't know about FDNY but when I was dispatching in Maryland the fast was always the 1st arriving ambulance served as the OSHA two out until the fourth due engine arrived and was the fast.
  10. Not saying this is the reason but I know there is still a train of thought among some departments that you need to play hopscotch when calling mutual aid. He line of reasoning I have heard is so that you don't deplete an entire side of the county for one incident. Also for fast teams I have heard that some chiefs will not call neighboring departments because they could get too emotionally involved if they had to make a rescue and make unsafe decisions not saying that is what is going on here or that it is right, but it is a potential explanation
  11. Would any department really respond a first due piece with no interior members? Has that happened or is this a hypothetical
  12. As far as the leadership issue goes. Commissioners are elected by the general public. So if anything it is the public who needs to pick better leaders. Although the fire service doesn't often inform the public that there are commissioners elections
  13. I have many of the same questions. Does the fire chief believe his members/ employees were making the comments ? Or that they are related to her death? Why is the fire chief and not LE investigating?
  14. It looks like scene support will no longer exist. Those classes can be given in house by the local fire department on a flexible schedule. There also will be no FFI class, there will be instead a live fire and SCBA add on module given at the training center that when combined with the first part equals FFI certification
  15. I think everyone is missing the point The point is that pre- dosed medication the same that are being used by haztac medics are already filtering down to the EMT level and thus there is really no reason. For haztac medics if that is all they are administering