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  1. Ah, yes... when this discussion with commissioners turns into "we'll just pay the fine" and then ultimately, when you mention that you can be sued if you screw it up... "That's what we pay insurance for"
  2. What agency did you guys use to buy it surplus? DLA or another agency?
  3. Date: 10/30/2014 Time: 0900 Location: Rt 9W District: Village of Ravena Fire Department Units: Ravena Fire Department: C801, C840, R808, E805 Ravena Rescue Squad: A5887 Albany County Sheriff's Office: Medic 3, 4, & 5 Coeymans Police Department, Bethlehem Police Department, New York State Police Description: Single vehicle rollover w/ reported entrapment. First arriving reports vehicle on the roof, one patient still in vehicle- "barely" breathing. Rapid extrication done by first arriving Paramedic, Fire Dept Chief Officer, and PD officer. Patient was transported to Albany Medical Center by Ravena ambulance, in serious condition. Highway shutdown for accident reconstruction.
  4. Date: October 19, 2014 Time: 1300 hrs (Approx) Location: US Route 9W (Cross streets- Winnie Avenue / Maple Crest Drive) District: Village of Ravena (Albany County) Units: Car 801, Rescue 808, Engine 805, Ambulance 5887, Medic 4, Medic 5, Coeymans Police Description: One vehicle rollover with entrapment with arm injury. Patient was extricated and transported to Albany Medical Center.
  5. If they're still in High School, that should be their priority. EVERYTHING comes second to them completing their education (figuring out those pesky pump calculations is much more difficult without simple Math)-- yea, I'm stretching that reasoning a little bit, but I think we see the point. I think the department should be commended for this!!! The higher ups seem to be leading this young, impressionable minions along the correct path. This path means that there are bigger things than coming down for "big one" (let's face it, we've all missed the "big one" at one point or another). I don't think you see it right now, but I hope you will, but it seems like this department is saying "I want your help, I need your help, but I don't need it THAT much, you do what you need to do, and that means finish school, we've got this" Kudos!
  6. Date: February 5, 2014 Time: 1030 Incident Type: Structure Fire (Arson w/ armed gunman) Location: Saddlemire Road District: Town of Knox Units: Knox Fire, Berne Fire, East Berne Fire, Altamont Fire, Gallupville Fire, Albany County Fire Coordinator (C1), Guilderland Medic 32, Albany County Sheriffs Office, New York State Police Description: Units dispatched to a possible structure fire in the Town of Knox, first arriving Chief found trees that had been cut down blocking the driveway who then advised all units to stage. Albany County Communications Center received calls indicating that the person who lived at the residence was heavily armed and threatened to kill any responders. Confirmed working fire, unable to proceed in due to scene not being safe. Further reports indicated that the subject who had set the fire fled the scene in a 2007 Chevy Silverado and was armed with a shotgun. Area police agencies are currently on the lookout.
  7. Either way, I'd like to take a moment for the cheesy "thanks for the response" type of post... I think it's interesting that there are some similarities between the goals of the Unions and the "Companies"
  8. Not sure if it was regarding the post where I stated "got it, big waste of time", if it was, I'd like to note that it was stated in a thick layer of sarcasm...
  9. I appreciate the responses. I do understand that everyone is different, I won't disagree with that. I just figured that there would be some sort of commonality that most organizations would have so that's what I'm trying to learn more about. This would pertain to not just volunteers, but career firefighters as well, as some districts are combination agencies.
  10. Alrighty then, message received, just a big waste of time, thanks! So...for those of you who are still members of organizations wasting your time... how do they go about wasting your time? Basically the inner workings of such wasting of times? How does the president/director work with the Chief? Anyone have a little further insight on how the municipal departments and how they go about it?
  11. Company event on department/district grounds*
  12. So who would handle a disciplinary action? Say there is a pizza night fundraiser where two members have an argument, no fists, just yelling in front of patrons. Clearly, it's not okay to do so. The head of the "company" decides no action should be taken, the "department" head disagrees, who has final say? I am not going to go through every possible scenario or anything like that, but this is a pretty good example of a possible scenario. It does seem that this doesn't seem to be a major issue as I don't really see it popping up on here, but I'm really only trying to understand how it works. My question isn't by any means meant to stir up the "waste money, me vs. them" conversations, as it's meant for a better understanding as to how these organizations are set up, and how they run.
  13. I understand the dynamics of municipal departments and how they generally run when they are career staffed. Could any of you provide insight as to how it works within your organizations in regards to the dynamics of the Fire Company and the Department itself? I'm mainly curious about a municipal volunteer department and how it works with the fire company, although insight on fire districts would be great too! The Hose Company provides the man power for the department, correct? The department (fire chief) is in charge during calls and the company (company president) is in charge of the inner workings of the building such as fundraising, elections? How do you guys operate and are there any good items to read about the subject? Any specific laws? I know this is a wide range of questions, just wondering how your organizations operate and differentiate things between the chief being in charge and the president being charge.
  14. Training is at Goodfellow AFB (San Angelo, Texas)
  15. Date: October 11, 2013 Time: 1300 Incident Type: Structure Fire Location: Biechman Road District: Coeymans Hollow Fire District Units: Coeymans Hollow Fire- Car 63, Tanker 630 Ravena Fire- Engine 805 Coeymans Fire- ETA 527 New Baltimore Fire- Engine 203 Ravena Rescue Squad- Ambulance 5889 Albany County Sheriff- Medic 2 Description: Reported garage fire. Per Car 63, Signal 30 requesting mutual aid for manpower and water supply.