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  1. They are simply done with the truck, its more out of service than in service.
  2. I have been told that it is going to be replacing 9-Tanker. They are done with Pierce and the local dealership with constant issues with the Tanker.
  3. Have heard Allendale currently has a committee specing out anew ladder.
  4. Thanks but Ive went down that road before will no answer back. Looking for more of a member who may be on this page
  5. Hey Everyone, Im currently looking for some assistance in contact info for MT Kisco Fire Department, as I'm looking to photograph there apparatus. If anyone can assist please message me. Thanks
  6. Mahwah has 2 trucks on order....Company 3 International/Marion Air Unit. Company 5 a Sutphen Tanker. Company #1 going out to spec for anew engine. Company #2 just received a custom 4x4 Mini Rescue Truck.
  7. Yup a quick wax and then delivery for both of them. I work for Rescue 1/PL so they been getting them ready the past week or 2.
  8. As for Wildwood, Rescue 1/NJEV will have both Fort Lee and Fair Lawn Rescue Trucks on display as they are pretty much done.
  9. Tarrytown has ordered 2 E-One Engines. Not sure which companies they going to.
  10. Fair Lawn Heavy Rescue being side by side with this rescue. Thiells in NY has a Spartan/Rescue 1 being built also currently, along with a dive ambulance by another company.
  11. Any pics of Thornwood new engine?
  12. That Bedford Hills Rescue will turn out nice, turn into an all Seagrave house. Looks like Bedford Village Seagrave had their final inspection last week
  13. Probably getting anew one. Good money up there.
  14. Cornwall has anew Pierce engine on the line, perhaps to replace the Mack CF?
  15. Wyckoff is not a PUC, regular pumper. Saddle River is in but not lettered and no tool mounting.