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  1. Makes it easier when they don't have to face the winter or the notoriously deplorable road conditions of the American northeast!
  2. Might make it safer for ff's getting in/out with turn out gear and getting equipment. Especially for shorter ff's.
  3. This is a big issue where I live. Even rent for a crappy, rathole apartment is too high and pushes the younger members out of the community.
  4. I wish I subscribed to the WSJ to finish this article. Sadly, it's happening all over with volunteer companies.
  5. Glad nobody wa hurt. I wonder when the truck was last inspected/certified, not that failure can never be truly predicted. I hope they don't expect full price of trade-in value when their new truck comes in. Lol!
  6. I like the disclaimer about having to decommission the emergency equipment.
  7. Thanks!
  8. It takes time to train on a new piece of equipment. Driver training is especially important. Those sutphens have a very wide swing in the rear when turning. No need to rush it into service if people can't drive/operate/position it correctly.
  9. What does that stand for?
  10. This unit is not that old. Surprising they are already selling it. Did they get an improved hydrant system recently, thus eliminating the need?
  11. This is the coolest looking apparatus I have ever seen!
  12. That might not be considered "humane". Lol.
  13. There's a documentary about the DFD that was done in 2012 called "Burn". I think it's still on Netflix. It details a lot of the hardships these firefighters have to work with. But I think the department is trying to improve its operations to make things better for them since it was released. I highly recommend watching it. This to is mind blowing.
  14. I already gave up watching the NFL. They employ too many felons.
  15. And I don't agree with outright banning them altogether.