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  1. By the time the first rig arrived that bus was toast. Presumably all occupants were out. Why even go inside? Seems like a big risk to try and salvage some part of a vehicle. Just hit it from the outside.
  2. Seems virtually (if not every) picture I see of an LA ladder company is a tiller. Do they run anything else? Any tower ladders, rear mounts or straight sticks?
  3. what does EQ stand for? I've never seen that designation before.
  4. This is a 2014 rig. What did it run as before Field Com 1?
  5. lohud.com says rescue 1 is going to station 8 which makes more sense. This way you have Squad 11 on the east side of the city and the rescue on the west.
  6. He absolutely made a good grab and the comments that follow are not meant to distract from that in the least. With that said, this article in my opinion was more about serving the liberal agenda and highlighting not a great job by the firefighter but that these priority hires were not unjustified. The NYT is a liberal rag that was just waiting for an opportunity to highlight one of these priority hires to create the illusion that this was somehow beneficial to the city of New York and the FDNY. Sounds like FF Sullivan is up to the task but that does not mean all the other people handed the job are. These priority hires are a disgrace to those that earned their spot in not just the FDNY but in all similar circumstances in so many different occupations. Stop rewarding mediocrity and people will eventually have to work harder to gain what is rightfully earned. Hand outs will eventually destroy the country. The madness needs to stop.
  7. I have a question regarding the YFD collapse unit. How is this staffed? Is it the same crew as Squad 11 or is there a separate crew on duty? If it's the same crew what is the procedure if the Squad is on a run when the collapse unit needs to be dispatched?
  8. I am a close family member with the firefighter whose son is ill. Please spread the word regarding registering for the bone marrow registry. It can save a life.