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  1. Tomorrow will be 5 years since we lost Rob. He will always be missed. RIP!
  2. Old Tarrytown firehouse was originally a Masonic Lodge building. House Hope Hose on left as you faced the building. To the right was Conqueror Hook & Ladder. The police were located in the rear of the building. Detectives got a lot of drives! Lodge was located on 2nd floor.
  3. Should name it after John Kelly RIP!
  4. REST IN PEACE ROB ARONS! You are missed by all you touched. Enjoy your Messy Jessie's!!
  5. If that is all that happened, suspension was not warranted.
  6. Sad. Barry was a great guy. He will be missed. Had great times when we interacted as Fairview & Fire Marshal. RIP!
  7. I think there are some paid staff in Ocean County. Not sure exactly which departments though.
  8. Can not wait to see Paul Feiner riding in the sidecar!!
  9. Three years, since Rob's passing. Still in our thoughts and prayer's. RIP Rob!!
  10. Many years ago there was a committee from the Fire Advisory Board that started such a survey, Anyone know what happened? This was around 2003-2004 for a time reference. Thanks!
  11. Too bad this wasn't in time to help Sleepy Hollow?
  12. The quarters are very tight both width & height. Hope it fits!
  13. Does 'signing on' mean that they will handle the call? Here in Monmouth County, we sign on and say that " we are on the ramp, awaiting a crew". The county will continue to tone out until either, a third tone or we are in service. Automatically goes to mutual aid on 3rd set of tones, or if original squad requests mutual aid. Time elapsed between original tone and mutual aid is about 20 minutes, Most squads answer call within 2 alerts. Just wondering as to Westchester protocol.
  14. Is there a protocol in place that would automatically call for mutual aid after a certain number of pages w/o anyone going in service?
  15. The Glenville Fire Company, located in the Glenville section of the Town of Greenburgh, address is Tarrytown. They hopefully still have their Sanford Cub engine. Last I knew, Walter Gregory was maintaining the rig. Back in the late 60's (?) they had a fire in the firehouse. The fire shorted out the fire siren that actually sounded. .From oral history, they were basically a brush fire unit before Route 287 and a modern Route 119 allowed the area to grow. Protection area extends fro Hackley School, Benedict Avenue to the Marriott Hotel, and from Springhill Suites on Route 119, the Tarrytown border.