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  1. they are jerking people around as usual. they know who they want to hire before they even send anybody to the cpat. so if you have not interviewed you most likely won't be getting hired because the academy starts in 2-3 weeks
  2. how do i apply, it doesn't really tell you on that website?
  3. Pleasantville Engine 260- 1994 Pierce
  4. Every department is different. Go down to your local vol. department and find out for yourself.
  5. the rotators tend to bounce off of buildings making it easier to see a rig before it comes around the corner whereas leds aren't as effective until they are up close
  6. Westchester EMS http://www.westchesterems.org/
  7. I cant find info anywhere that a fire side even exists
  8. county pd already sent out letters for physicals to the 100's and 95's
  9. Don't get discouraged man I too am in the same situation as you and every time I take an exam i score higher just keep working harder, Philadelphia fd opened for filing as well as Detroit fd.
  10. does anyone know where they are in the list?
  11. Anyone know what's going on with this list? are people getting hired?