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  1. Since you brought up what happened in Valhalla I am going to put in my 2 cents. You mention why not call Fairview or White Plains. This happens constantly especially in districts which volunteer/career departments border each other. Why should Valhalla call Fairview? If Fairview had a fire would they call Valhalla even if it was 1 block outside of the Valhalla fire district? The answer is no. Rather, Valhalla stands by in Fairview headquarters (this is a fact). So, I don't blame Valhalla for having West Harrison being next up on their card. It is very evident and happens constantly, another example being when Greenville had a fire that was 3 blocks out of the Ardsley fire district that went to a multiple alarm. Some of the departments that responded - Larchmont, White Plains, New Rochelle, Pelham. Not to mention, Eastchester and Pelham Manor stood by in Greenville headquarters. Need I say how ridiculous that is? I can name about 5-10 departments off the top of my head that are closer.
  2. I understand what you're saying but yes you do have a better advantage if you live in a town that goes off their resident list. There are many people that get passed over even with a high score because very few departments in Westchester hire off the county list. I agree with you it shouldn't be that you get an extra 5 points, in my opinion there should be no 5 points for residency and there shouldn't be town residency lists.
  3. How is it any different than most towns in Westchester hiring off resident list?
  4. Does anyone know when the next class might be? I deferred for the May class and have been waiting since then. I contacted my investigator and all of my paperwork is in line so I am just waiting.
  5. I heard a rumor that they are unable to get a Pierce due to weight and looked at E-One but same issue and are leaning towards Rosenbauer but this rumor is unconfirmed so anyone with more info that knows better please post.
  6. Yes and you are right it is insane.
  7. It's in service as of 16:00 today
  8. I got my packet. Anybody that went through the process that can give some advice?
  9. Pound Ridge - 292
  10. Dobbs Ferry - 362
  11. Somers: Fire calls - 542 EMS calls - 1,688
  12. Yorktown - 602
  13. Elmsford: Fire calls - 642 EMS calls - 513
  14. First, no hoseline because the Truck company arrived first and no Engine was on scene yet in the video. Secondly, as "M' Ave" pointed out they took a dash inside, save your air for when you need it. I don't have a issue with what they did (as far as masks) if they felt they were good to go in then so be it whats it matter to the rest of us? Personal choice.
  15. I do agree that this tactic has it's place. With that said i am not a proponent of it. As FFPCogs and BBBMF stated, the scary part is that there are departments out there that are using this tactic at every fire they go to and are in fact not going interior and are standing outside shooting water through a window. You can not look at this as a one size fits all. IMO, you can push fire despite what is suggested with these studies. I also think that when we debate about this there are too many variables involved. Is the structure so involved that hitting it from the exterior for a few seconds necessary just to enter? Or are we talking about a one or two room fire and are hitting it from outside just because it is too hot that you don't want to enter or whatever the excuse may be? If its the latter, you should think about doing something else because being a fireman isn't for you.