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  1. Good on them. Glad to see they are moving forward with making the City of Rye safer. Congrats to FF PItts for joining the department.
  2. Man, this is crazy. Seem like he was doing 80+ mph in there. Amazing only 1 person died. It will only be a matter of time till the video's of it happening will start getting circulated. Probably the most filmed/live streamed place in the world. https://www.yahoo.com/news/car-speeds-crowd-times-square-1-reported-dead-163019524.html
  3. Just keeps getting worse for Port Chester. It's been a year out now and still they cant produce the simple info of the rolls. I bet when something goes wrong (i hope not) and OSHA/PERM/NIOSH come to town this will all end real quick and real ugly. When someone above the city says they want this stuff, the redacted info ain't gonna cut it. Everyday they play this game is another day that people are questioning what they are trying to hide.
  4. I think the writing is on the wall. Towns are learning that the volunteer dept. are not there anymore. Gone are the days of 300 active members and waiting lists. Little to no turn out at calls. False claims of "active" members when the 2% money comes. I'm all for Volunteerism and for helping out but westchester is not built for it anymore. As is said, blue collar folks can't make it here anymore. At some point everyone is gonna have to go career or suck it up, put on their big boy pants and consolidate the county. Lord know most guys want that anyway.
  5. Well that is problematic since they don't have a Career department to steal it all from.
  6. Looking at this i have to wonder, do they staff the firehouse now? Like are there 4-6 guys per rig in the station 24/7? That to me would be what that sign is saying. I know in some towns (not Westchester), the house is manned at all times. There are bunks and rooms where guys sleep the over night. I have a feeling that while their hearts are in the right place, they are not giving the people of Port Chester what they deserve. I don;t think we have to wait for someone to die or be seriously hurt to start doing what is right. Letting guys go solely to help a line in the budget was not a good move. As a career guy i am also offended that they say they are "Professionally Staffed". This is not their job. This is what they volunteer to do. The guys who's profession this was were let go in the most egregious manner possible.
  7. I think the new one has a kind of high pitched almost tinny sound. The old one had more bass to it.
  8. All those people in the area are gonna have heart attacks when the tax bill come in and the Plants contribution is not there. Nice when your tax bill quadruples cause the plant which kicked a lot of cash into the area is gone.
  9. You can still be picked by another town or village. If NYC don't pick you, you have to wait till next test. Also those aren't "points", if you score a 90, you don;t go to 95 on the county list. You are most likely competing with other people in your town. your score is compared against them. Your not getting a advantage.
  10. Oh this should end well for everyone. Where will they be getting all this new energy? Canada? Really? Wind Farms? That should be able to create the same amount of energy of a nuclear power plant. I know Indian Point is old and could use a updating but you cant just cut a quarter of the power and think everything is gonna be ok.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Why give extra points for living somewhere? I can see veteran credits, but just living in the biggest city around? come on.
  12. I was thinking that maybe the air moving from the Fill bottle, constant on and off when doing multiple refills at a scene over a period of hours. Since we don't use a refill rig, i was trying to think of ways a bottle could get hot. I think the issue was just a Fill station valve opened all the way and he got hot air. Just goes to show ALWAYS CHECK YOUR GEAR.
  13. The Fill station on full. I was taught to crack the "Fill" knock and slowly fill the bottle. The valve on the bottle is either full open or full close. Well this is where checking your gear comes into play. when you get to work and go over your rig, you check air pressure. If you are filling bottles on scene you are most likely using them. Most departments don't have refill rigs so they refill back at firehouse. Either way the 700psi drop in a hour is not good. Also the bottle could have been the last one to fill so heat has been building from filling station.
  14. They are probably filling it with the valve full open. 700psi drop is a lot. I have filled bottles and lost a minute amount over a week. to lose that much in hours, something is wrong in the process. Slow is the way to go. if your on scene and doing refills then that's different. You most likely will use the air before it even starts to cool off.
  15. Slow down there now. I am sure plenty of us can take that cash off your hands without having to fish it out of the toilet. Ya i laugh at those shirts that i am sure they sell thousands of at like the Fire Expo in Long Island. Alot of "I fight what you fear" stuff. As been stated if you need the shirt to say you've been there, you probably haven't. Anyone ever notice it's always the XXXL guys who are wearing them? Stay Safe out there.