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  1. Any update on Elmsford FD trying to spec out a new pierce to replace Engine 137?
  2. Elmsford PD Car 37, a 2018 Tahoe sporting their new graphics package. Graphics designed, printed, and installed in house by M Power Window Tint & Wrap of Elmsford.
  3. Has Elmsford FD placed an order for a new Pierce pumper?
  4. Have they started the refurb/remounting of the older truck?
  5. They've recieved two cycles already.
  6. I think pics 3 and 4 are the same car, I'm pretty sure they first painted some of their in service cars the newer graphics, and refitted them with newer lightbars and other things to get the whole changeover going.
  7. Would you happen to have any old Greenburgh PD pics from the early-to-late 90s?
  8. I saw it the other day in their lot, really did think it was Greenburgh PD stopping by. Why the change?
  9. Wow! How will the officers be selected? Will they attend NYPD or Yonkers Motorcycle school? Sounds awesome, but will they really be used to patrol or respond much at all?
  10. I was just gonna tell you, I drove by there today and saw it sitting out there! Looks great! I'm just a bit surprised that they didn't upgrade the lighting whatsoever. Great job by Greenburgh Shops/Garage.
  11. Ah, I see, thanks for the info. Does it only have the Q2B on it?
  12. Really? When was it delivered?
  13. Wow! Is it in service yet? Looks amazing! Does it only have the Q2B, or another siren?
  14. did something happen to their Facebook page? For the last couple of days it was saying error whenever I tried to load it and now it doesn't come up at all; as in its no longer there.
  15. New picture of it, or at least a partial shot of it is in their Facebook page