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  1. Here is a post. Hope things are working correctly.
  2. More so the Font in the posts for us "not as young as we used to be" members. Thank you.
  3. I went on city's website ryeny.gov and watched the Rye City Council budget workshop from Nov 16 2015 and during the discussions about personnel it was stated that there were 18 volunteer interior firefighters & 17 career interior firefighters.
  4. If Rye needs Tower Ladders they are just a phone call away - surrounded by them now.
  5. Turk, Group 1 or Group 3 for you?
  6. I think you have something there
  7. There have been Volunteers from Rye who ran and were elected to the City Council. Currently only the Rye Judge is a member. No Rye Police Officers are currently active. Rye Public Works has 3 members.
  8. Would Rye have won if they were on the list?
  9. The ice skating center was appropriately named WISC - Westchester Ice Skating Center Crazy Eddie's used to be in the Dalewood Shopping Center on Central Ave. Christmas Tree Shop is currently occuping the space
  10. On my way home passed Harrison FD operating at a Fatal on I-95 Northbound early Sunday morning. Motorcycle or MVA? Anybody have any further info?
  11. FirNaTine - From what I was told on Monday Rye's 3 front line apparatus are STAYING in Rye (E 191/E192/L25). 3 additional Career Firefighters will cover Rye during the hours of the parade which will give us 2 Career Firefighters on each piece of apparatus. I do not know if any Volunteer Firefighters will skip the parade and come to the Stations to stand by.
  12. You can't comment about the big wigs but you want to write a letter to the City manager? Can't make up your mind I see. And you are SO knowledgeable about the Rye Fire Department when you are NOT currenty a member! Call upstairs - you have your finger on the pulse!
  13. Hey Ed - Maybe you should come back to Rye and help us out. You have not been a member of H & L yet and your Harry Howard time should be valuable! Thanks for ALL of your support!
  14. Steve, You have to put the pressure on your Dad to get some double yellow lines on both Locust and Purchase streets - even if just like 12 feet out from the intersection. Cars are all over the place without it. You think the Right turn is bad, wait till you do the LEFT onto Purchase from 26's bay.
  15. Ah yes - Little Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet and then it bust into Flames. There are usually a couple of incidents at Playland each year, only a few notables since the 60's. Group 1