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  1. Controversy and media attention is what these “fringe” groups feed off of, the best way we can honor our fallen brothers is by ignoring these groups.
  2. How do you say good bye, when your not ready........we'll miss you Dr. D
  3. Years ago I had a good friend (no names) that was a vegetarian, he never had any problems. He was in 4 companies, truck then rescue as a firefighter, truck as a Lt. and truck as a Capt. The historical firehouse kitchen culture is sacred, but so is brotherhood, 6 companies in 8 years is not a diet issue, this will never make it into the mainstrean or even the fringe media, so it is up to the members of this board to keep the truth flowing. To M' AVE this person is not an embarrassment to your job, he's an embarrassment to himself, we see him for what he is, using this "diet" issue as as means to an end for personal gain, stay strong your brothers know the truth.
  4. Propper BDU's
  5. There is a legal term, I think called "caveat superior" (My HS latin teacher would croak!) that says that if you are working for someone and do what they tell you, then HE is on the hook for what you do. Sympathomedic, you are correct the name of the Doctrine is RESPONDEAT SUPERIOR (let the master respond) it is a legal doctrine holding "employers" liable for the wrongful acts of their agents (employees). It is also known as VICARIOUS LIABILITY; an employer is answerable for the tort (negligent acts) committed by employees. Two things must exist for this tort to hold up 1. A master-servant relationship must exist between the employer and employee. 2. The wrongful act of the employee MUST have occurred within the SCOPE of his employment. Once again get a hold of your department's policies and or SOP's and stay within the scope. PFD there are no stupid questions, be safe
  6. I would agree with was, consult a lawyer your best bet is through the American Ambulance Association. I would also check with your chief in regards to acting as an EMT at a fire scene, ask for a written opinion, and check your SOP’s and department policies. Since your department is not an ems first response agency, your civil exposure is little to none. To establish negligence under the duty to act doctrine a relationship must exist between the caregiver and the patient, since you are acting in the capacity of a firefighter (with no policies or sop’s for patient care) a relationship cannot be established. There are three basic forms of civil negligence 1. Malfeasance: the performance of an unlawful act 2. Misfeasance: improper performance of an act 3. Nonfeasance: failure to act when there is a duty to act (which you do not have under your current department regs) For negligence to exist or rise to the level where a plaintiff can recover damages four elements must be met. 1. Duty to care 2. Breach of duty 3. Injury 4. Causation As long as you follow your department’s policies and SOP’s your personal liability is basically non-existent.
  7. Tasteless and another example of a lack of accountability.
  8. one vote for option 1
  9. What is wrong with you, I hope you don't think you represent every FDNY member on this board, if you do it's a sad day for FDNY (I am NOT FDNY) You are an embarrassment to every FDNY member and every fire fighter EVERYBODYGOES it’s time you followed them and went yourself
  10. BFD1054 Umm, why is this news? Maybe i am wrong, but arent we hear to respond to alarms? Yes, a high percentage of alarms are false, so what? Smells and bells and in many places EMS runs, make up a large percentage of responses. But again, this is why we are here, no? There is a reason the alarm went off, this is why we need to respond and investigate. If we find it was "food on the stove" or dust or what have you, so be it. What is the alternative? Send a PD unit or just a Chief to "check and advise?" Like the boy who cried wolf, there will be the 1 time its an active fire and you'll be caught with your pants down. Im sorry if you get annoyed at false alarms, but its part of the "job." What "Job" are you on ?