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  1. Did the City of White Plains shut down ladder 34? I've been out of the loop.
  2. Who are you? Lol. Yes the pizza at Terry Lodge and the cheeseburger at Kellys! Kelly's best burger I've ever had. And i've lived all over the world. Hard roll.
  3. I can see that. I grew up in PC. I have very good friends both volunteer and career. Im sorry it's come down to this. I'd like to meet everyone at the old Terry Lodge for drinks and food like the old times. P.S. Kelly's in Rye is always an option. Lol.
  4. 300 intimidated by 8? Really? I'm embarrassed for my home town FD.
  5. Be interesting. Uncharted territory brother.
  6. You cant. Your right once a felon always a felon. Poor journalism. I don't like it but I know a couple of people with felony convictions. Nothing violent, obtaining property type stuff. Bad decision at the time but good people. All doing fine now. But yes, I don't like it. So competitive. But I don't like wake up calls and people being driven to test sites either. Its all f***** up my friend.
  7. Quantas did this for years in the 60s and 70s. Not sure if they still do. You attend their college. Start as bush pilots and progress to the DC-4, 707 and if you were lucky to the Queen of the Sky the beautiful 747. Great read called (Life in Long Haul) Don't remember author's name.
  8. Do you have to take a test to get this job?
  9. A year or two ago a comment was made from Bravo management. Something like "I've cleaned house" this was in reference to the current moderators at that time. These mods were on top of their games both professionally and as Bravo moderators. Big mistake. Lost many a true member that day.
  10. Read the city notice for God's sake.
  11. You get it? 300 lb pissed off dude "Hey bud, you need to come with me ok?" " Sure officer, no problem. I'd put my hands behind my back but I'm to big to handcuffed in the rear unless you have two sets of cuffs handy" Pick a scenario. Tasers? Not an option on Staten Island. Shoot the perp? Not a good idea. Maybe wait for K9, but thats inhumane. What's the answer? No matter what you do, you lose. Yes let's put cameras on all our officers, that will solve everything. How about holding each and every citizen responsible for their actions to in include showing their ass on a public sidewalk, street etc. LEOs aren'tperfect and there's some bad apples out there but the morales of society suck and it's out of control.
  12. I imagine they did but it was 1946. Different lifestyle.
  13. Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously, great pics!
  14. Great pics. OMG, a parade? How unprofessional.