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  1. Change the lenses to green or blue.
  2. Thanks for posting that. I was a NYCEMS "Blacksheep" in the mid to late '80s and watching that brought back memories
  3. "I personally have extinguished a basement fire alone, dragged 150 ft of preconnected line, one guy pumping water, me extinguishing. Not safe, but my neighbors house is still standing." Really??? So your neighbor's "property" was worth risking your life and performing unsafe tactics for???? You just stated that even you have done things "not by the book" and I'm sure if you posted a video of it being done, you would have been verbally beaten to a pulp. Things were not done great in the video, but we all are aware of the limitations some departments face. I have seen things done improperly in both career and volunteer departments. Bashing volunteers or anyone for that matter won't help anyone. As mentioned earlier, constructive criticism is fine as long as everyone can learn from it and not be "bullied" into being afraid of ever questioning if there is a better or different way to do things.
  4. What is the current status/capabilities of the Greenburgh Tech Rescue Team? Is it still around?
  5. Preconnected tools are definitely a plus. But for those times when 100' of reeled hose won't reach, or you're at a multivehicle wreck and the preconnected tools are already in use at one pin, having the portable generator mounted on a hand cart with a cutter and spreader and lines is a blessing. As for mounting in the vehicle, keeping the tools to the rear of the apparatus is tough because often you pull up on an MVC and can't get the rear of the apparatus closer; mounting to one side or the other causes you to lose working length when the wreck is on the opposite side; multi tool setups are great-if you can afford it and have lots of room to spare. I have seen a transverse compartment where the tray slides out to either side, with tools/rams,etc mounted on it to make them accessible from either side. The generator is mounted in a fixed position on the wall of the compartment with on/off switches on both sides of rig. Reels were mounted above in compartment and could feed out either side with rewind controls mounted on both sides. Saw this at Firehouse Expo a few years back. Have never been a fan of the bumper mounted tools. Road grime gets in (no matter how well enclosed tools are), it adds to the length of the rig, and Lord help you if you get hit in the front!!! Instead of replacing a steel bumper and brackets (and maybe a winch), you're looking at A LOT more expense and vehicle being out of service time. Also, doing maintenance might be tougher on bumper mounted tools. Not sure about that-maybe Barry or someone with that setup can elaborate.
  6. Date:9/08/13 Time:1415 hrs Location: Veterans Park (Seaview Ave)- Oysterfest Units: T-2,E-2,E-3,E-4,E-5, R-1, C-2, NEMS, NFD Fire Marshal Description: Report of swing ride collapse with multiple patients and entrapment. Upon arrival of E-6 (detailed to firewatch at festival) no entrapment and 15-20 victims. Call is ongoing at this time 9/9/13: UPDATE. Cause is under investigation. 18 victims total. 2 of the 18 remain hospitalized with serious injuries.
  7. <p>Date:<br>9/03/13 Time:<br> approx 1735 hrs Location:<br> 21 Osborne Ave Units:<br><br>E3,E2,E4(RIT),T2,T1,R1,C2,NEMS Description:</p> Report of a fire on 2nd floor of an OMD. Upon arrival, E3 reports smoke showing and stretching a 1-3/4" line. Reports of elderly couple trapped on 3rd floor. C2 on scene reporting smoke from Bravo side. T2 located elderly couple on 3rd floor and performing "protect in place". quick knockdown of fire in 2nd floor kitchen. T2 asking for more ventilation due to increasing smoke condition on 3rd floor. Parties evacuated by FD to EMS for transport to ER. Protect in place performed due to smoke conditions, age of victims and medical conditions, and Collier mansion conditions on 3rd floor with all windows nailed shut as well.
  8. Date: 8/24/13 Time: approx 1300 hrs Location: 206 Suncrest Rd Units: C2,E2,T2,E1,T1,R1,E5(RIT) Description:Report of smoke coming from windows of unit in townhouse complex. Upon arrival, T2 reports light smoke from C side. Entry gained and working fire called by T2. E1 stretched and put into operation an 1 3/4 line .T2 opened up structure. R1 and T1 primary searches negative. E1 hit hydrant and stretched backup line. Quick knockdown with fire contained to room of origin. Smoke damage throughout. No injuries to FD or civilians.
  9. Date: 08/18/2013 Time:0538 hrs Location: 23 Pettom Rd Units:C2,E2,T2,E1,T1,R1,E5(RIT).E3 and E4 added after arrival of initial alarm units. New Canaan,Rowayton and Westport FDs called for coverage. NEMS and several M/A EMS called Description: Report of a house fire with people trapped. Upon arrival C2 found a 1-1/2 story Cape with heavy fire showing at A/D corner (garage), heavy smoke throughout structure. Two occupants had jumped out of windows and suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation. FD forced front door and found 3rd party behind the door with burns over approx 90% of his body.He was removed and turned over to EMS. Heavy smoke and high heat throughout structure. Quick knockdown by engine companies. During initial attack, truck and rescue companies found 4th victim in upstairs bedroom unconscious,unresponsive and with extensive burns. Victim removed with CPR in progress and turned over to EMS. Investigation being done by NFD Fire Marshal's Division and CT State Fire Marshals.
  10. Amen nfd2004. The only good thing about the Rolling Stone cover, is that I'm using it for target practice at the range.
  11. I can easily look him in the face and would gladly treat him to "extralegal torture"!!! preferably, i would be seeing his face through my rifle scope. He's a piece of s@#t...plain and simple and i don't care what he was before he became the Boston Marathon bomber. he is what he is...a terrorist and murderer!!!!
  12. Worked as a medic in Yonkers in the mid 80's and had the honor and privilege of having Nick as an ER doc, medical control, and tutor. He was a wealth of knowledge, a wonderful person, and it was never a boring night in the ER when he had one of his hawaiian shirts on. Rest in Peace.
  13. Date: 06/08/13 Time: approx 0315hrs Location: 14 Shore Front Park Units: E5, C2, E2, T2, T1, R1, E3 (RIT), NPD, NEMS, NFD Fire Inspection Division Description: Dispatched as homeowner stating smoke alarms sounding in house with smoke in basement. E5 arrived on scene reporting smoke showing out of a 1.5 story wood frame residence. E5 officer updated as other units arrived that fire was in A/D corner of basement. (1) 1 3/4 line stretched to basement. 2nd line as backup. T2 horizontally ventilated and set up PPV. R1 reports primary search negative. T1 opened up walls on D side 1st floor- negative extension. Fire contained to basement, but heavy smoke damage throughout house. Fire inspectors investigating.
  14. Date: 05/21/13 Time: 1200 hrs Incident Type: Residential Structure Fire, 2 Alarm District: NFD Location: 43 East Avenue Units: C2, E4, E1, T1, R1, T2, E2, E3 (RIT), E5 (2nd Alarm), NEMS, NPD, CL&P Frequency: NFD Dispatch/FG Weather Conditions: Clear and hot Reporters: soboss34 (wasn't there Got info from FF at scene and CT Fire-EMS site) Description: NFD dispatched for reported structure fire with fire in basement. NPD on scene prior to FD reporting heavy smoke from structure. E4 arrived first on scene and reported fire showing, stretching line and going in. E2 laid in from hydrant. T2 vented. R1 primary search negative. C2 requested 2nd alarm. E5 responded and became RIT. 2 additional lines stretched. Structure is a residential balloon frame construction. Fire reported to be "running the walls". One line taken up to 2nd floor. No reported injuries. Note: this was all the info I got. If I missed something or switched something around I apologize. Please let me know and I'll correct it.