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  1. It's up to each individual municipality. But typically most don't have any official residency requirements.
  2. For good or bad, this is a new thing in Connecticut. http://recruitment.iosolutions.com/Online-Job-Applications/Fire-Job-Applications/Connecticut-Firefighter-Testing-Consortium.html 3 or 4 departments that you could easily commute to from Westchester. First step is generally significantly higher than NY, but step increases are smaller. This does say that departments may have additional requirements. At very least you'd want to have CPAT. EMS certification would open up more options too.
  3. I saw this elsewhere and thought it might be of interest to others here. Although perhaps a trek. All questions can be directed to sstrik@nowestps.org www.nowestps.org/application.html
  4. I know nothing about this job, I just got an email alert on it today: Highlights Email: usaccommodations@globalfoundries.com Summary of Role: GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab10, East Fishkill, NY is seeking several individuals to join there expanding Emergency Response Team. This individual will be required to have previous leadership skills, assigning tasks and follow up to completion. This individual will also be expected to assist in facilities work, gas cylinder changes, central utility plant operations and be flexible to learn new assignments. *Please note: You will be required to work a 12 Hour Alternating Work Schedule "AWS" as directed. Essential Responsibilities: · Control and extinguish fires · Rescue people endangered by fire · Reduce or eliminate potential fire hazards · Respond to confined space incidents, EMS and Hazardous Material Incidents · Perform Fire and Life Safety Inspections · Assist with Building Tours and highlight issues that violate NFPA codes · Perform all activities in a safe ad responsible manner and support all Environmental, Health, Safety & Security requirements and programs Required Qualifications: · High School Diploma and or GED Equivalent or Military Experience · Prior experience as Firefighter or Volunteer Firefighter · Must be an active interior firefighter in a recognized volunteer fire department · Must possess a current and valid driver's license · Must possess each of the following licenses/certifications: · New York State Emergency Medical Technician · New York State Firefighter I · New York State Confined Space Rescue Technician Level · New York State Hazardous Materials Technician – Basic · Language Fluency – (Written & Verbal) · Physical Capacity Demands – ability to lift over 125 lbs. Preferred Qualifications: · Excellent communication skills · Prior experience working with up line management staff · Problem solving skills If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the employment process, please contact us by email at usaccommodations@globalfoundries.com and let us know the nature of your request and your contact information. Requests for accommodation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that only inquiries concerning a request for reasonable accommodation will be responded to from this email address. An offer of employment with GLOBALFOUNDRIES is conditioned upon the successful completion of a background check and drug screen, as applicable and subject to applicable laws and regulations. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.
  5. Full details of the position can be found at http://www.wiltonct.org/jobs/. SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: This position is responsible for maintaining all Fire Department apparatus, appliances, and other related equipment in a state of immediate readiness on a 24 hour per day basis and for all related budgetary and clerical duties pertaining to the Fire Department. Work is performed primarily in the main Fire Station. However, work at fire scenes, at the second Fire Station located in North Wilton, and on the road to address equipment emergencies is also required. Additionally, travel may be required both within state and to other states to view potential and actual apparatus and other related equipment purchases Starting salary: $66,413 to $72,995 DOQ MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: High school diploma or equivalent; Valid Connecticut CDL license required; Thorough knowledge of fire apparatus, pumps, aerial devices, multiplex electrical systems, hydraulic rescue tool systems, power take off and transmission equipment, and components; Certified Emergency Vehicle Technician (F1 Maintenance, Inspection and Testing of Fire Apparatus, F3 Pumps, and F5 Aerial Apparatus) certification at time of or within six (6) months of start of employment; Thorough knowledge of fire and rescue (minimum Connecticut Firefighter I, Certified Pump Operator, and EMT Certificate) preferred.
  6. Info is at http://www.wiltonct.org/jobs/ for anyone interested. PostingforFireChief2015.pdf jdfireChief2015.pdf
  7. I was just going to post this too. Some interesting comments. Wonder if Buffalo FD has headsets now? Wonder what the union has to say about this and the use of headsets? Interestingly there is no mention of the union in the article - wonder what their stand is. Did the lawyer just go out to all the firefighters and invite them to sue? And do they have proof of above normal hearing loss? I believe we should be protected as much as possible and we should be compensated for on the job injuries - but this seems like maybe it's stretching it.
  8. My experience is primarily with OFD, who work well with both agencies - and has members from both agencies. As a resident I have been happy with the Town PD, WCPD and OPD. Personally I feel confident that the service will remain at least as good - I doubt I'll see any tax savings but I'm sure that policing will be less for the Town by going with OPD. I haven't analyzed the reasons for the quotes but maybe the average WCPD makes more than the village? Maybe the County has more overheads? Extra time / gas coming from their barracks? As for the OT vs straight pay for a new officer, I'm not sure there is that much difference when you take in to account the benefits of a new hire (vacation, holiday pay, medical etc). I don't know the real significance, but OPD was recently re-accredited. FWIW, they also have an excellent, humorous and informative presence on Facebook - which it seems many in the community appreciate.
  9. http://www.firehouse.com/news/11694709/hydropower-plant-seeing-250k-from-fire-companies-for-damage Seems like this is a case of throwing everything against the wall to see if it sticks. My guess is that they think they'll get a settlement from some of the parties involved. I hope they don't. It will be interesting to see how it plays out though. Isn't this what you pay insurance for? And as for mutual aid in NY - I thought all the liability was with the home department (unless maybe gross negligence).
  10. I wonder if 60 Control could make some money doing something like this? I believe Westchester departments are able to use 60 Control through the county taxes - but maybe they could make some money dispatching for bordering counties? Danbury just put out a new contract, how about other Ct departments? I believe the other NY counties have their own county control but maybe there's some room for other agencies?
  11. Bummer. 15 for me is Ossining and Peekskill Public Access
  12. Last time I looked Optimum didn't carry the channel in Westchester. Maybe they do now? Or we can hope they do in the near future.
  13. I wonder how many firefighters staff the engines. Why does the engine go out of service if it loses it's medic? If one of the engine's is down a rider and is out of service, then the other FF(s) just get to kick back? How about combining the out of service engine with another so they have one engine in service instead of (potentially) two out of service engines? As was mentioned, our whole business is 'What If'. It's someone's job to balance this risk of What If - and presumably based on history, the administration decides this is the best value for the buck. How much is the taxpayer willing to risk? And willing to pay? I don't know if Peekskill falls under NFPA 1720 or 1710 - it might be interesting to see how they fare with the appropriate standard. Yes, Peekskill may be a time bomb - but so is hurricane preparedness, Indian Point, etc. Which is the bigger one? Personally, my money is on another Sandy.
  14. He has been found. I believe he was in the Maryknoll vicinity.
  15. Problem was - I didn't run the red light. The Judge was smart enough to realize this. She questioned the PO after his statement to confirm that I was turning left and had a green light. When he said yes - she dismissed the case (on lack of evidence or something similar to that). I am very happy that it was dismissed even with my time spent preparing for it and fighting it. However, I was pissed that I got written the ticket in the first place for something I didn't do - but I'm big enough to get over that, eventually