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  1. There is a very good reason not to go with civilian dispatchers, It is called a union job. We have those up north, unlike your right to work states.
  2. You do not know much about Danbury or the two unions. It's not that easy and it has to be done in negotiations. Which is another story.
  3. Is there any type of vendors or swap meet Thanks.
  4. Date:10/29/12 Time:Aprox 18:45 Location:Kevin Dr Frequency:DFD Units Operating:E24,22,21 Trk1,C30,C46,Safety,Vol E4 Sq7 Weather Conditions:Stormy/Hurricane conditions Description Of Incident:Heavy fire to the rear of a raised ranch w/extension into the 2nd floor 3 L/S/O Reporters:JTF429
  5. Date: 11/2/12 Time: 22:50 Location: Morgan Dr Frequency: DFD Units Operating: E23, 24, 21 Trk1, Sq22, C30, C46, Safety, DHC-EMS, DPD, Vol E11, 10, Sq7 Weather Conditions: Clear Cold Description Of Incident: Basement fire in a SFD, 2 L/S/O Heavy smoke and fire on arrival Reporters: JTF429
  6. I thought backdraft was bad. This show is horrible. Nothing like haveing a show the promotes firefighters as egomaniac drug pushers. They should add a bit more reality into it. Show some guys getting laid off, the city taking away pentions, and an idiotic DC who is more concered with facial hair then morale.
  7. Not to start an argument, but I have to ask if Everybodygoes is really a fireman? If so and you are actualy an Instructor, you really need to go. No disrespect but are you really listening to yourself? I work as a career firefighter in a fairly busy department, I also volunteer in my hometown. If members don't want to train, we don't need them. It is really that simple. If nobody volunteers than my taxes go up, but at least the people who show up are trained. Yes the fire department is my life and has been for 26 years. Why, because I still have passion for the job. I am an Instructor who teaches the same reguardless of them being volunteers or career recruits. To correct you on your EMS quote, the 60 hours DOH added is not a recomendation, it starts in my class next Tuesday. NYS needs to get in line with other states, and I think that is what they are trying to work towards. We just finished a FF1 class over 3 weeks, the 3 hottest weeks. These students busted their humps. You would think they won the lotto at the end, so much so that half of them went right into a week long FF2 class right after. Every single one of them signed up for the FF1 National Cert exam in September. You teach a good class they will come. Good Luck to you, hopefully you find happiness somewhere.
  8. From the trailer it looks like another BS show, Can't have a nose cup in the mask it blocks their face, why have rope protection on the hand rail, I know our drivers always yell some motavating comment. Guys with no shirts, drama, BS. They should show what it is really like. Practical jokes off set by conversations on how the city is laying guys off and taking away benifits. I agree bring back emergency.
  9. Let me add a little insite to this topic that was NOT in the papers. Local 801 has been in contract talks for about a year now. The topic of the safer grant and the employees being hired did not come on the table until the very end of negociations. The city accepted the SAFER grant a few months ago without saying anything about the new hires being under a new contract. A month before the new hires were to start the academy they all recieved letters in the mail that said their appointment was conditional on the union accepting the contract. This was never said, discussed,or even brought up to Local 801 until the very end. The negociating committie was forced to bring a less then attractive TA back to the membership to vote on. The membership voted no. Shocker the next day the city stated they were turning down the grant. Let me give you some insight on the Pension for Danbury firefighters. They put in 5% towards their pension. O/T,Holiday pay,steipns,Uniform pay, etc is not included. They do not get time and a half for O/T just straight time. They do not get the best of anything just top step. At 27 years they can go out with 50% and full medical with no copay. THey can go out with 20 years at age 55 with 40% and full medical. Every year after 27 is 2% a year with a max of 68% I think. They can get an extra 5% Non Service releated disability. Pretty conservitive if you ask me. For an on the job career ending injury it would be 66 2/3 tax free with full medical. The TA wanted this for new hires. 30 year retirement,6% towards their pension,35% cost sharing for medical upon retirement,an added pay step that had them starting at 71/2% less than they were told.Taking away the escalator which means when rank and file get a raise,retiree's get one. A sliding scale that states if they are injured on duty and are forced to retire they have to pay as much as 50% of their health care preminum. Around 10,000 for anyone with 0-9 years on. If they have to go before 25 years their pension is penalized a certain percent for every year before 25. The current rank and file and also affecting new hires. 6% into our pension, Removel of the 5% non service related disability. Sliding scale for on the job injuries by having to pay a certain percent into health care. Being penalized for going before 25 years. Best of the last three years, this means if you retire and they gave a 7% raise your last year you wouldn't get it. No 24/72 hour shifts. 0% the 1st year and 7% spread out over the next three years for rasies. The union presented the city with a HSA for health insurance that was going to save them roughly 80,000 a year. They are planning to put civilians in Dispatch which will move them to the PD and most likely eliminate 8 dispatcher postions which get top step LT pay. The new hires would have over manned evey shift which would have elimanated most of the overtime. The firefighters have the lowest amount of sick time in the entire city. The biggest problem was not protecting the members who were hurt on the job. With all these savings and the city having the lowest rate of unemployment in CT,The safest city,you can't excpect me to belive that they couldn't afford to leave the injury language alone and at least give the new guys their escalator. Tough times ahead.
  10. Date: 2/13/12 Time: 0430 Location: Lions Condo's Triangle St Frequency: Units Operating: E23, 24 ,21, TRK-2, Sq22, C30, DFM, DPD, EHC-EMS Weather Conditions: Clear/Cold Description Of Incident: AFA, First Due reports fire in the lobby, fill out the assignment. Fire KD and Primary search started. Reporters: Writer:JTF429
  11. Date:2/3/12 Time:Afternoon Location: Wheeler St Frequency: Units Operating: E21,22,23,25,SQ26,TRK1,C30,EMS,PD,FM Weather Conditions: Clear/Mild Description Of Incident:Garage Fire W/ extension into the structure. Heavy fire on arrival Reporters: JTF429 Writer:
  12. Date:2/2/12 Time: Location: Balmforth Ave Frequency: Units Operating:E21,22,23,T1,C30,EMS,PD,FM Weather Conditions: Clear/Cool Description Of Incident:Heavy Fire on Arrival Reporters: Writer:JTF429
  13. Let me clear up a few things. 1) Danbury FD did NOT chose to give up their ambulance, it WAS taken away from them. Yes there are two EMS providers in the city,but the FD proudly served the residents of the city before it was taken away. The Chief and the Deputy are appointed postions by the mayor. If you read the article what is missing is that there are other ways to save money, reduce cost, and save abuse on the rigs. Preventive maintance, not just when its broken, giving the Truck company its own medical district, limiting lock outs between 7a-11p unless someone is in the car,roatating apparatus. The 9,000 calls they refer to include over 800 lockouts. There was a 90 day trial period that went on to become 4 months. In that time period there was a number of structure fires when E21's crew was in the SUV and the 2nd and 3rd due were coming from the other side of the city. The union worked hard for years to get the 6th Engine, now its an SUV half the time. What do you think will happen next, 24 hour SUV coverage? How about more than 1 in the city? I get that the administration has to try new things to save money. This is just a bad idea.
  14. Date: 12/25/11 Time: 23:55 aprox Location: Hayestown Hghts Frequency: Units Operating :E23, 22, 21, SQ24,TRK1, C30, C51, EMS, PD, FM, Vol units Weather Conditions: Clear/Cold Description Of Incident: Heavy Fire on the 1st floor of an occupied house Reporters: Writer:JTF429