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  1. WOW. So what difference would it make if Jim made $200,000 or the other candidate who gets elected makes $200,000? How would that change the outcome? Did the opposing side do anything illegal? Please do not bring up the immoral or inappropriate ways this played out. Maybe looking at how that fire district conducts its business and the damage it causes on daily basis if you want to see immorality and inappropriate behavior. A lot of people chimed in and put in their two cents. You know who the only true losers will be? The members that serve the district and public. The drama and "payback" that I am sure is already in the works and the toll it will take on members with dissenting opinions will be far reaching and those who have targets on their backs, who already have lost friendships, who have already suffered and who still struggle to find a reason to serve and do the right thing will lose again. The fact is the Somers Fire District is in terrible shape. It is a sinking ship with its crew members busy fighting each other and looking out for their own interests and egos as boat goes down. If it wasnt for the fact that REAL people will die and property will be lost this would be a great TV show. Its a bad movie where real people suffer. Jim Arena is a great person. A friend. A man I know I could count on anytime, anyplace, anywhere. He is well respected and liked among the people, even among the ones that did vote against him last night. By the way. Do you have proof that the other candidate started any of those rumors, made any of those emails, or did any of those appalling things you say they did? Or are you just as guilty of spreading vicious, outrageous and false claims as the person you so vehmently despise?
  2. PLEASE. This IS NOT a discussion about laws / racism / stand-your ground / guns / self defense / the right of the people vs. the right of the individual!! Its was a simple discussion about the responsibilties, requirements, liabilites (both public & agency) of what a dispatcher can tell you, should tell you, obligated to tell you, lawfully should tell you and what the public should expect to hear from a dispatcher / call taker from an offcial government agency and wether they are obligated to follow it as it pertains to the case ie 'the dispatcher/call taker told Mr. Zimmerman that t"hey didnt need him to follow the subject" (Mr. martin), so could there be a case, in legal or civil court saying that Mr. Zimmerman was 'wrong' (not morally) but legally or liably for disregarding the dispatcher/call taker's "order/advice/suggestion? PS- 1) If ya want to have the Left wing / Right wing arguement go and rally outside Fox news or MSNBC, cause guess what? Both sides are right AND both sides are wrong. It is the ability for calm, civil conversation with room to COMPROMISE to settle differences and come to a result that is for the common good that made this country great and which we are now destroying because we are all to self absorbed and arrogant to keep our minds open (like a parachute thats the only way they work)FOR EXAMPLE: I have the right to carry a gun, do I mind having (and I should) have a background check, training, safety measures for the gun when not in use? Of course I should have them all! This is why this country is tearing at the seems. 2) I think this is why people don't come here to post or get fustrated when they do. If anyone read my original post they would of understood that this was not a discussion about all the above bulls*&t! It was a general question about dispatching systems and procedures so that we might learn, have informed discussion, and maybe improve the way we SERVE the people!
  3. So I DO NOT want to start a fight or discussion about the trail, contemporary american society, or 21st century racial/social issues. But... I followed the trail and the after show and I noticed something that made me think. The 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman that the police were coming and they didn't need him to follow Martin anymore. A lot o people unhappy with the verdict were using this saying the dispatcher told him not to follow Martin and he did anyway. Some saying the dispatcher was asking a series of questions about the 'suspicious' subject like where he was going, more detail on what he looked like, and what he was doing, thus making Zimmerman follow Martin further in order to gain the information the dispatcher was asking about. So? 1) What are the the obligations of John Q. Public to follow the orders or directions of a 911 dispatcher? Do they have to or obligated to lawfully? 2) What training / requirements do dispatchers have in telling a person what or what what not to do? And what are the legal and civil liabilities of the dispatcher for doing / or not doing something? I know every dispatch system is different and unique and follow state and local guidlines, and some dispatchers are police / peace officers. I am a dispatcher and have been for some years and I do not believe I have any power to tell someone to do one thing or another or not. I strongly suggest using common sense what a person should or should not do, but where or when is the limit. Just thought it was an interesting point and know a lot of dispatchers on here and would like to hear their thoughts / knowledge / experience in these matters
  4. I know I ve come across strong about this topic and surpisingly it is not about the vollie vs. paid / or should Somers go paid...I have my own opinions about that. What honestly gets me going is the source of your info and how it is being released into the world. The meeting you speak of was a normal budget meeting where none of the study was discussed until the members questioned it. When asked if a copy could be provided were told that nothing would be released until the reoprt was accepted, WHICH IT HAS NOT BEEN ACCEPTED! So speaking to the people at the meeting alot of the information you have posted hear wasnt talked about. It sounds like its directly from the report itself. So it remains how and why was this information released? My humble opinion is that the info you re getting is compromised in some way or your hearing alot from people who are BSing you or are in 'the know' and releasing info that should not be released. That is a fact. No one from the public knows exactly what this reports says, and it was not discussed in any detail at any meeting nor did the district wish to release this information until they temselves reveiwed it and made it public. DISCLAIMER: I am not going after you and I apologize if it seems that way. I am mostly angry that this reports details seem to be available but not to the people that it will impact most.
  5. I find it amzaing that some people on this forum are more informed then the firefighters in this dept!! As a resident taxpayer of Somers I want to know how people have gotten their hands on the study and know what it says? The study has not been accepted by the fire district and still in draft form and not released to the residents in this town, the people that have paid for it and whos lives and property depend on it are not allowed to see it so how can you know what it says? I am definetly intrested in how you know so much about this report but yet no one else does. Sounds like someone in the district can't keep there mouth shut and is releasing this information to who they want to. I wonder what the news papers and public are gonna say about this when it comes out that the fire district is releasing information that is not offcial? Also, as a memeber I think it is all pathetic on both sides, and isnt amazing that the district is keeping a close eye on this and no memebers know that they are being watched. What standards are they going to use to decide how many, with what equipment, and in what time
  6. SOMERS FIRE HOUSE 8th ANNUAL PASTA NIGHT SATURDAY OCTOBER 16th 430pm - 830pm Somers Fire House 270 ROUTE 202 SOMERS, NY near Heritage Hills Lots of Food, Lots of Fun Donations: Adults $10.00. Kids 12 and Under $6.00. Kids Under 3 Eat For Free! Over 65 $8.00
  7. I am on a little bit of a fact finding mission. So...I am hoping that Bravo is still a good place to find help and/or answers or generally to see what departments do, think, operate with, and use...Please Bear With Me Gas Detectors: Looking into refitting our department with a new Gas Dectection System. Right now we carry one (4) four gas (o2, h2s, lel, co) unit on each engine and one on the rescue. Each chief car is equipped with a single (co) unit. So... What companies are out there? Any recommendations? How do you calibrate, bump test and document and/or ensure that the units are in top working condition? (Obviously I am a vollie and daily and/or shift checks are hard, so a weekly check is done), so the problem arises on how to have an effective, cost effeceint and accountable program. Bail-Out Systems: This is actually just a simple question and I am looking for people that are more informed then myself on the latest ideas, theories and ideas on the subject (maybe some chiefs or instructors can chime in on this one) It has been said to me that the growing consensus and best procedures for 'bailing out' is to simply ditch and disgard your air pack prior to the bailing out. In simple words..take off your air pack and then proceed to go out the window and lower yourself with your required department 'bail-out' system. Some background and my idea....There is currently a debate in our department on which type of system to purchase for the required bailout systems. (yes I know we are far behind the ball on this) 1) the harness system you wear on your bunker pants or 2) an intergrated system that is 'in' and part of your air pack Now I am not married to either so I figure as long as it gets me out of trouble I dont care..but being a in upper management now cost, training ease, implementation, maintence, accountability are all factors....It was told to me that the current consesus and idea being progressively pushed in the fire service is, as stated above, to ditch and disgard your pack prior to bailing...Is this the case? I took firefighting essentials 14 years ago, I have taken a few safety and survival seminars and classes and I dont remember this being the case. Even as recent as this summer watching my people go through some bail-out evolutions they did not seem to take this approach. I have always beleived and been taught that our air pack is our life and you hold on to it for dear life. So any ideas and or has anyone heard more about this or read articles and is this what we should be leaning towards? Sorry for the rambling and any thoughts on these subjects is greatly appreciated Mike
  8. The ladder was not requested at the time of alarm...I do not know that exact time but definietly well after intial alarm. In upper Westchester there was an ice storm...heavy hail, sleet, freezing rain and freezing conditions on the roadways. The truck had six interior firefighters on it. Croton Falls does not have a truck..I know their engines carry truck equipment. The crew had called in on the first dispatch. Yes there is a problem with manpower but not just here but I believe county wide. The good things are that the IC did leave room for the truck in front of the building though maybe it should be called earlier and/or on the intial assignment. This is not an excuse or stand or rebuttle...just some information. Be Safe
  9. In reposne... The medic called for stat-flight, bls...chief...fd had no call in the matter so why not ask other medics. They are the highest level of care and they are the ones that made the decision. Our medics can not paralyze the pt. That is what they cant do - that 'flight' can. I do not know what it is anywhere else but that is how it is here. The pt was combative becuase of a seriuos head injury We can go back and forth all day....the call was made (by a paramedic) the pt is alive....job well done to ALL the people that came out in the early morning to save some kids life. Why is it we can not offer constructive criticism? But we all just go after each other and lump all calls and all situations together. This forum used to be about helping each other out....learning from each other experiences and trying to be better at our jobs. Vollie / paid , fire / ems/ police / oem / comms, als / bls / cfr whatever the hell you are! Why cant people offer help and allow others to learn from the experiences and knowledge you may be able to offer. Have a question on why something is done, find out the facts and then have a constructive discussion on how we can do our jobs better. I ve been in fire / ems for thirteen years and have seen a lot and learned a lot, and I still look to elders, senior guys, school, training, courses, whatever to make myself better so that I can do my job better....get everyone home alive and help another human being in their time of need!
  10. In repsonse to the question of wether or not the pt should of been flown out. 1) while the pt was not entrapped in the car, he had crawled out of the car..(per witnesses on scene) he was partially under the car and face down in heavy thick brush. This made not only treatment but removal of the pt very difficult. 2) From time on scene to the order to launch of stat-flight was three minutes. Stat-Flight had a 12 minute eta. 3) By the time pt was packaged assesed treated and in the ambulance the heli was moments away. Both the heli and the amb arrived at the LZ at the same time. 4) Driving side roads at 4am with a unstable pt in the back for a 20 minute ride is not in the pts best intrest. 5) stat flight is able to do things that medics can not. Pt was combative and had an unstable airway. flight crew was able to immoblize and intubate the pt.
  11. Somers Fire District Presents "The Fire Goes As The First Line Goes" A Seminar on First Due Engine Company Operations & Short Handed Firefighting Bob LaGrow Mike Healy Firefighter, FDNY Ex-Chief C.N.F.D. Rockland County F.I. Rockland County F.I. N.Y.S. Fire Instructor N.Y.S. Fire Instructor Saturday November 10th, 2007 9am to Noon with Lunch provided after. Somers High School 120 Route 139 Lincolndale, New York 10540 $20 Advanced Registration, $25 at the Door Please RSVP to the Somers FD Office of the Chief by 10/31/07 Please make checks payable to Somers Volunteer Fire Department Somers Fire District Office of the Chief P.O. Box B Lincolndale NY, 10540 914-248-7622 somersfdchief@optonline.net
  13. A little late I know. But here is a link to Somers FD's new unit. http://www.firematic.com/brat/somers07/index.htm
  14. I do not know of Katonah, but Somers will be going out to bid for 75 foot quint within the next couple of months. If your department can agree on rear-mount vs. mid-mount, a quint is a great way to go.
  15. Somers Fire House 4th Annual Pasta Night Heritage Hose Co. Hosting its 4th Annual Pasta Night Saturday October 14th 2006. Come enjoy a night of good food and good comapny at the Somers Fire House 290 Route 202 Town of Somers (across from Heritage Hills Plaza) home of Engine Comany 180 "Heritage Hose" Spaghetti, Ziti, Meatballs, Tomato Suace, Pesto, Alfredo, and Alla Vodka. Soda, Coffee, and desserts! Activities for the kids! Dinner Served 5pm-9pm Adults $10.00, Under 12 $6.00, Seniors $8.00, Children Under 3 Eat For FREE!! Come Join Us for a great time!!