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  1. It is always electrical....
  2. Why? Didn't they just hire?
  3. Ridgefield CT Firefighter/Paramedic: http://www.ridgefieldct.org/filestorage/46/74/166/Firefighter_Paramedic_Application_Ad_2016_extended_to_April_14%2C_2016.pdf
  4. So what do the bosses in the fancy SUV's do now if they don't go on calls?
  5. Trunk Radio System
  6. 60 Control has very strict policies on what they can and cannot due according to my understanding. Once a unit signs on for a call that call becomes their responsibility. In this case 73B2 signed on the air and became the "responsible party" to ensure that an ambulance responded to that call and it is out of the hands of the dispatcher. There is a time frame that I am sure someone else can talk about as I cant remember off the top of my head. If a unit hasnt signed on in that time frame then it automatically goes mutual aid. Once someone signs on (73B2 in this case) the clock stops.
  7. Car 2443 is due to replaced with an identical vehicle in the next few months. We also took delivery of an identical vehicle in white that is now Car 2441 a few months ago.
  8. Somers FD: http://www.somersvfd.com/apps/public/news/newsView.cfm?News_ID=101
  9. Preet should be busy preparing his indictment for Cuomo!
  10. What do you think the "national minimum staffing" levels should be?
  11. Then you heard wrong. The new Tahoe went into service last week as car 2441. The old 2441 became Utility 182 and is now a Somers Fire District vehicle......
  12. Thanks for the information! I dont think we would meet the requirements for the DEC grant though....
  13. This vehicle is still not in service......
  14. typing in all caps on the internet is considered rude and it means the poster is yelling....