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  1. Look at farming trucks... they're really setting trends on rescue! https://streamable.com/qrjxu
  2. We're getting only 1 view from this fire... 1) first Due unit appears to be a ladder co. You can hear the outriggers setting up... 2) the first line appears to go through the rear of the building. Most homes like this on long island have a rear slider that is opposite the main stairs. You can see a significant change in smoke to steam in the basement before the front door is even open, so water was definitely on the fire. 3) I hate second guessing or making it seem like my way would be the right way, but being it early morning, looking at the smoke condition coming from the bedrooms above the garages (appears that the doors are closed, and the amount of fire in the living room and dining room and the obvious compromise of the stairs, If I was one of the two guys on the front patio, I probably would have VESed them. 4) the "hit it hard from the yard" idea... With the obvious amount of fire, and seeing that the living, dining room, kitchen, and stairwell are involved, that whole 80* through the window might work for a single room off, but for that much involvement you need to get to its source and attack it there. Period. And if my observation from note 2 is correct, then hihfty is not even an option.
  3. Copy of the article? Need a subscription to view
  4. First, your question could be raised RIGHT NOW about the 2nd alarm in Valhalla. They skipped over a staffed tower ladder in White Plains and Fairview to call a tower ladder in West Harrison. If you have such an issue that the county team that takes over 40 mins to get out and on location ... And we all know that 2001 responds by himself to check and verify (regardless of what the IC states or requests [EDIT: This JUST happened at the Valhalla fire...]) and then an unknown response of unknown number and unknown trained personnel respond... Wasn't utilized, call the Assistant Chief of the department and ask him himself. Better yet, because you know exactly who he is, why not ask him face to face of why he made that call, rather than anonymously and blindly question every facet of his decision made yesterday. Figure out exactly why he did, then come back and with facts, explain it to us.
  5. Are these the trucks you speak of?
  6. Pretty sure those are the governor's personal plow trucks...
  7. Including or excluding people who buffed the job to watch
  8. Your district/city/village decided that it was of the utmost importance for life safety to purchase that apparatus, what ever type it is, using taxpayer money. To remove it from service to show it off places everyone at risk. To those who say "that's what mutual aid is for," if that's your excuse, why not just rely on it all the time and use them instead of purchasing your own equipment. If you can justify the extra response time a couple times a year, other than mechanical or maintenance reasons, how can you effectively justify your need for your own apparatus all the time?
  9. What? There's no such federal law. each state sets its fire laws up, and in NY a village is required to provide (either by direct supervision, Croton-onhudson, or contract, Mt. kisco) fire protection. Cities, and villages are required, towns are not allowed to set up fire protection. Port Chester is a village that directly oversees their fire department (it's a department of the village), so they have absolute rule over budgeting and such and staffing.
  10. 100%. Surprise vote by the board. Rye Brook currently without fire protection, sent the PC career firefighter home. Cops at every PC fire house
  11. Hudson valley regional radio system? What is this??!
  12. It's on certain departments box alarms, but we've been told even if we request it, it will be denied. Its a great show piece for PR events though
  13. Obviously, intercounty interoperatbility is another high item on the list. Westchester, putnam, rockland, and possibily orange should get together like MD and VA did and get one system that works across the board. Its 2016. This little empire crap needs to stop
  14. Regardless of what this survey comes out with, Westchester should abandon the UHF Fire ground radio system which is line of sight and unmonitored , and adopt one which allows the dispatchers to monitor all fire ground radio traffic. NIOSH report after NIOSH report lists that Dispatchers being able to monitor fire ground transmissions in the event of a mayday is imperative to firefighter safety. All departments should reject any proposals without this important feature included.