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  1. The fire alarm did not activate until we opened a wall.FD and PD were evacuating already. Threads were not too much of an issue thanks to our 35 year vet mpo
  2. RIP, Doc, always helped me out.
  3. Barry, Pelham and Pelham Manor have been doing more with nothing forever and if what you say is true, it won't be changing anytime soon.
  4. Colonial School is in Village of Pelham. Pelham Manor in on mutual aid.
  5. According to article in journal news on 9/30, Chief Everett was demoted to Capt. and Salahuddin was made chief. Was Everett's permanent rank Deputy Chief?
  6. Interesting article on fire escapes by Chief Flynn in March 2009 Fire Engineering
  7. Didn't see it on the cad system. Was a run made out for this?
  8. New Rochelle our first due mutual aid company was in Yonkers. 60 Control just went down the list.
  9. Tower Ladder 3 will be the same size and wheel base as old TL It will be enclosed cab. We need the same size to fit in firehouse.
  10. Tower Ladder 3 going out early Jan. Yonkers TL not in service yet
  11. Hey Capt. I'm with you. We go in with 2 or 3 guys all the time. Vols and off duty guys are coming as we are stretching in.
  12. How come Fairview is called Ladder 1 when it is a Tower Ladder? Isnt Thornwood Tower Ladder 1?
  13. Pelham Manor carries a 50 on Tower Ladder 3, last time it was used was at The Biltmore fire.
  14. We went to food on stove in C section. A section was where the fire started.
  15. You are absolutely correct. Who will be the chief, what about deputies captains, etc. What happens with the union contracts? Will the residents accept a one engine house when they are used to 2 and 1 responding. There are many questions and not many answers given by the big shots involved.