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  1. Each step is a year. And trust me a vest and the stairs should be your best friend by the time you go to the CPAT
  2. Based off the contract I believe this is the pay scale: Start- $37,500 1st Step- $49,738 2nd Step- $61,976 3rd Step- $74,214 4th Step- $86,452 5th Step- $98,690 Also I would recommend getting to a gym and training for the CPAT incase you get to go to it. If you start now, especially training on a stair master with a vest on, if/when you go to the CPAT you should be good.
  3. But in regards to operate safely and mitigate hazards on Ossinings 10-75 a few weeks ago they had the power lines connecting to the house right were the fire was. Wouldn't it make more sense to have them be able to respond to situations like that with lights and sirens? I'm not saying they go to everything with them but if it's an emergency and will help everyone stay safe I don't see a problem with it.
  4. Whats with the slicktop EMS Tahoe? Has it just not been fitted with a lightbar yet or is that their design?
  5. Is this the rescue they are getting?
  6. I drove by the garage yesterday and was wondering why it was there
  7. Heres a link to FASNY's handbook on the program, Link. If anybody is interested I suggest you read through that first. From a quick glance there is a lot of catches to the program, but overall a great idea.
  8. E259 which is at HQ and is a "reserve" engine is an 84 pierce, while E260 which is at D.P. Hays Hose is a 94 pierce. The E90 designation is currently not on any rig since the old E90 was sold around 2007, but is reserved for Pleasantville. Once E90 is in service E259 will most likely be sold and the designation will not be used again until another new engine is needed. Also I would assume E260 would become Pleasantville's reserve engine, but E90 will be stationed at D.P. Hays Hose. Another way of explaining it is that Pleasantville has 4 engine designations, but only 3 in service at a time and the designations are rotated.
  9. Pm sent
  10. I believe the deceased was the manager of the restaurant. The situation reminds me of the CO2 leak in an Arizona McDonalds a few years ago... http://www.azfamily.com/news/local/CO2-leak-sparks-evacuation-at-Phoenix-McDonalds-122939268.html
  11. Yea it sounds like it ran completely out of oil and seized up. Nothing much you can do with it at that point rather than replacing the engine. My only question is if they saw the warning light turn on then why didn't they shut the rig off? What could they of needed it on for with a water rescue?
  12. I would try to talk to a look at long island and see what they have tried and what has worked. Out there it has been a big issue for a number of years and is just getting worse and worse. Now with NY's new I-STOP program, https://www.health.ny.gov/professionals/narcotic/prescription_monitoring/ I feel it will just make the demand for heroin worse since there will be less prescription drugs on the streets
  13. I just flew last week and it was nice to be able to listen to my music the whole time. I must say I didn't pay attention to their safety presentation at all, but it was no where near my first time flying. Also any device over 2lbs must be put away during take off and landing.
  14. Suffolk county has an ok system. Basically its the town-village-apparatus. Only downside is they don't have a set standard for the apparatus designation besides the chiefs, which are x-x-30, 31, 32, 33. If it was set up so that the engines are always x-x-1 thru x-x-5, rescue is x-x-6 thru x-x-10, etc, it would be better. Here is an example of how it is set up. There are over 100 agencies in the county, including EMS, and it seems to work. Babylon Town Fire Coord n Administration 1-1-x Amityville 1-2-x Babylon 1-3-x Copiague 1-4-x Deer Park 1-5-x Huntington Fire Coord 2-1-x Cold Spring Harbor 2-2-x Halesite 2-3-x Huntington 2-4-x Huntington Manor 2-5-x Islip Town Fire Coord 3-1-x Bayshore 3-2-x Brentwood 3-3-x East Brentwood 3-4-x Islip 3-5-x
  15. http://emergencyservices.westchestergov.com/images/stories/pdfs/communications/UHFlineup.pdf List is on there. it starts with Ardsley, 201, and goes up alphabetically (Armonk 202, Bedford Hills 203, etc). There are some odd balls at the end, like Banksville, 258. For the chiefs just put a 1 on the end, 1st assistant put a 2, and 2nd assistant put a 3. So for Banksville, 258, the chiefs are 2581, 2582, and 2583.