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  • Name: Duane Kuhlow, Jr.
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  • Past Experience 6 Years USAF Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, then 23 years in EMS. The 1st 12 years as an EMT, the last 11 as a dispatcher. I was also the lead EMT for 6 years at a NASCAR Short Track and a Volunteer Firefighter for 8 years.
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  1. This is a good time for training officers/division to go over the SOPs regarding Bomb Threat/IED responses if they haven't done so recently. This has been and is the current M.O. for bombmakers, having a 2nd device. Usually though it is timed long enough after the initial blast to draw the First Responders in. 15-20 seconds really wasn't enough time to inflict much injury. I know, many will disagree, but if the 2nd device had gone off 1:30 or 2 minutes after the initial, the bomber would have gotten everyone running from the initial blast. At 15 seconds people were just reacting to the 1st blast.
  2. Seth-this looks to be a variant of the robots military EOD and some local bomb squad units are using. Robots were just being issued to all units when I got out, as IEDs had not become that big of a problem as they are now. My questions are 1) will these squads use this enough to be smooth with the robot handling/carrying the materials? and 2) is the pincher arm delicate enough to hold a thin cased container such as the water bottle in the video without breaking it? Interesting use, but probably wouldn't be used for anything other than recon. I don't think you can manipulate the arm/pincher enough to take samples/swabs or do any type of plug and dyke...
  3. I wholeheartedly agree...I know of a case here in San Diego County where a deputy had been shot and wounded and a TV station put out his name less than a half hour after the incident...the SDSO notification team had not notified his wife yet... the vultures all want to be the first ones to announce "breaking news", and the families of the wounded/killed be damned...
  4. a senseless loss to the community...May the Fallen Rest in Peace, and God watch over their family, friends and fellow Safety workers during this tragic time. Also wishing a speedy recovery to the injured...
  5. that is it for now...I leave Tuesday morning for a week of photographing rigs in both the Tucson and Phoenix areas of Arizona...looking forward to this trip...
  6. and lastly, Needles California is just 30 minutes from Laughlin. This rig was parked behind the station there.. 1) San Bernardino County Fire Department Engine 34-E-One/Freightliner Engine
  7. as I stated, after Utah we went back down to the Laughlin area. struck gold at the main Mohave Valley FD station. 1) Mohave Valley Fire Department Engine 81-E-One/Freightliner Engine 2) Mohave Valley Fire Department Brush Patrol 81-Ford F-450/In housebuilt skid kit 3) Mohave Valley Fire Department Water Tender 81-Chevy Bison/Becker Fire Equipment 4) Mohave Valley Fire Department Medic 82-Fird/Braun/Northstar Type III Ambo
  8. in Utah I only got photos of 1 piece of apparatus, an Engine from Washington City, which is northeast of St George. 1) Washington City Fire Department Engine 61-American LaFrance Eagle engine
  9. in September, I took a trip up to the National Parks in the St George/Cedar City are of Utah. We started off in Las Vegas, went up to the parks for a few days, then back down to Laughlin. Here's a few of the rigs I shot on that trip...first stop Mesquite, Nevada... 1) Mequite Fire Department Rescue 11-Freightliner Ambulance 2) Mesquite Fire Department Reserve Ambulance-Ford/Road Rescue 3) Mesquite FD Command Vehicle
  10. Next was the Chula Vista Fire Department Open House, in the southern part of San Diego County...not much there though 1) Chula Vista Fire Department E54-Pierce Dash Engine 2) Chula Vista FD Administrative Vehicle 3) American Medical Response Medic 414-Ford 350/AEV Type III Ambulance
  11. Wildland rigs from Cal Fire and the US Forest Service, and the contracted Medic unit from AMR M17. 1) Cal Fire Engine 3382-HME/Arhens Fox Type III Engine 2) US Forest Service E347-2011 Boise Mobile Equipment Type III Engine 3) American Medical Response M17-Ford f-350/AEV Type III Ambulance
  12. Next was the Alpine Open House in eastern San Diego County... 1) Alpine Fire Department Engine 17-2004 KME 2) Alpine Fire Department Chief 4701-Dodge Power Wagon 3) Viejas Fire Department Engine 25-2011 Crimson/Spartan Engine 4) San Miguel Fire Department Engine 14-1997 E-One Engine
  13. Also at the Poway FD Open House Santee Fire Department Rescue 5, a 2000 Pierce Saber
  14. also from the Poway FD Open House, San Diego County Sheriffs Department Copter 12, a Bell 205A1 used for fire suppression/rescue work.
  15. I've gotten back to shooting apparatus photos, so I thought I would share some recent ones from through out the Southwestern part of the United States where I have been traveling lately. First up, from this month, is from the Poway Fire Department Open House here in San Diego County. 1) Poway FD E 3711-Pierce Arrow XT 2) Poway FD Medic 3798-Ford F350/Horton Type III Ambulance 3) Poway FD Division Chief 3704-Chevy Suburban Command Vehicle