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  1. Come support Live Oak Engine Company as they host, The 1st Annual Tyler Rush Car and Truck Show. The show is Oct 21 and registration starts at 8 am. Fire trucks are welcome at the show and will have there own category.
  2. They were working in the boiler room when something went wrong and they had a gas feed fire. The DFFD did a great job making a great stop with no damage to any rigs
  3. OK, so first it was not a CO call. It was originally an EMS call. A female called up stating she was having a stroke. When EMS arrived they found the female's husband unresponsive on the floor, so they were providing care to two pt's. EMS was on scene by themselves for approx 20 min before they notified FD due to an odor that they noticed in the residence. FYI all the OVAC members were treated (including hyperbaric chamber) and released for CO related symptoms. It is my personal feeling that all EMS should carry CO detectors or multi gas meters to prevent incidences like this from happening in the future. Thankfully, no EMS members were seriously injured or killed.
  4. Its a 6 month min untill they call you just be patient and also try working some where else in the mean time to get some experience
  5. Today the Ardsley fire department hosted the first battalion 14 one pitch tournament. The tournament was a great success with only four teams it went fast. I am trying to get a idea if people would want to do a county wide battalion tournament each battalion has a tournament and then the winners play each other.
  6. Thank you everyone. You guys would have done the samething that i did i was just in the right place
  7. Great job, Chris!

  8. In Dobbs Ferry we have both U-24 and E-49 both have tool a full set.
  9. it is form terryville it says it in the cab
  10. It really blows you have no clue what you are going and plus everyone and their mother is going on the boxes. A gas leak is now a haz mat call and your getting 3 and 2 rescue squad and their second unit and haz mat unit and haz mat battalion its unreal. The other day we went on a structural fell it turned out to be a person fell on the train track. This is going to get someone killed.
  11. Did the truck fully rollover and where the truck was whose district was it I thought that was ardsley district
  12. Also bring your old fire trucks cause we have a class for them
  13. Also bring your old fire trucks cause we have a class for them
  14. I was looking at some websites and i found this http://www.mhfd32.com/fullstory.php?44133 congrats to Pocantico hills what engine is this replacing