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  1. This Site Has Gotten Pretty Strange Lately

  2. So, What every happened to this thread anyway? There are so many new screen-names, so many new people, yet few if any have ever bothered to "Introduce themselves." Like "Sailr322". And "Larchmont Boy" to name just a couple. Care to "introduce yourselves?" To me, this site kinda weirded out a few months ago. Seth in an RV in NY suddenly, yet all discussion of the topic is dropped. No questions asked. Hey if it's personal biz, it's certainly none of mine. Yet you kind of made a big deal about it....then suddenly the whole subject is dropped. The "moderators" who used to constantly be on the site; it's rare to even see them around these days. Some of the "regular posters?" Poof gone. Something very strange happened here a while back, I've noticed, has anybody else? I don't know, the whole situation is a bit bizarre if you as me. I guess the wort part was losing Lenny "10570." I guess we can't make that up. So come on, how about some REAL intros? It's been a long time. And what is the status with "certifying members?" Does the site still do that, or has that gone the wayside as well? Just wondering. Stay well. Sad day 911/2012. Edit: I could post the alphabet and get a half dozen likes these days. Another VERY strange happening. -Just sayin'
  3. Very true Cap. And on a side note I'd like to compliment you on your impeccable grammar these past few months. For a guy who couldn't spell "spell" (probably because you looked at the keyboards more than the screen.....my oh my you sure have gotten better at it. I've also noticed you do a lot more OSHA Standards referencing; 29CFR1910.134 comes to mind as of late. Are you SURE it's really you Cap? lol
  4. They're building this out of stone and glass? No wonder the price tag is so high! (wink)
  5. Three words for this one; Extremely Bad Idea.
  6. Respectfully, Maybe you should re-read the half dozen or so post prior to yours. CO calls ARE NOT service calls. As BNechis stated, they are potentially lethal environments that could require the activation of the 2in-2out OSHA Standard for IDLH environments. Of course, common sense dictates that multiple repeat alarms to the same activated head, with no readings, might make a supervisor re-think the amount of resources responding, and downgrade the subsequent alarms while awaiting alarm system service.
  7. Thanks for "clearing" that up. LOL Nice post Cap.
  8. It will be September 11th. And here we are 11 years later. The most infamous day of our generation has a meaning to every American. Everyone was affected that day. Some obviously much more than others. I think about our New York City Brothers and Sisters from the jobs. Some of the people that I know personally, absolutely amaze me/have amazed me as they picked themselves up from the dust and debris and carried on doing their jobs. They've taught me so much about personal fortitude and inner strength. There's one guy I know and love. He was a Bronx truckie, a Brooklyn truckie, a Manhattan truckie. He's one of the few that wears a two star 9/11 medal. Lost so many personal friends, I honestly to this day have a hard time understanding how he was able to carry on. Yeah, he got banged up pretty good and had to put his papers in. Aside from the hundreds of heroes who were lost, with all of their combined experience and knowledge, it amazes me how the FDNY in particular was able to rebuild itself in the aftermath of a loss of such magnitude. This Brother though, he is so knowledgeable about the fire service; the FDNY losing him to premature retirement was yet another huge loss for the agency. He could have easily been a great Chief Officer. Yet, with the personal losses this Brother endured, he not only carried on through the physical and emotional pain, he has still been able to contribute to the fire service in other ways; with his knowledge and desire to help others he has done that and more. To say that I am in awe of this Brother would be an understatement. I continually ask myself how this man does it. In many ways, he has been a mentor to me. He has been there for me when times have been difficult. Always a reassuring voice, always positive, always pointing out the things I should be grateful for. Reminding me not to dwell so much on personal failures, loss, and things that cannot be changed. I thank God for a Brother like him. He has taught me so much, I cannot begin to say how I feel about him. About never being able to adequately express my gratitude for his friendship, his mentoring, his Brotherhood. I grew up without an older brother, and always wished I had one. God sent this man my way in the aftermath of 9/11, and I honestly feel like he became that brother I always wished I had. In two days, the Remembrance Ceremonies will take place. It is repeatedly a heart wrenching day. I feel and will always remember the sacrifices our Brothers and Sisters made for the good of others; for the good of all of us. Many people have forgotten. To much of the country, 9/11 was a television experience. The wars have been that way for most of us as well. It is our duty, as emergency service personnel to keep the flame of memory alive for our lifetimes. You know, I never truly understood what WWII veterans felt about Pearl Harbor until the years slowly built up after 9/11. Now I do. And for my Brother, I know enough to let him alone in the days leading up to 9/11, and the days afterward. For him, it is entirely personal. But I'll be thinking about him anyway, along with the heroes who left us that day. Thinking, remembering, and saying thank you once again.
  9. Oh yeah, the CO call. Just curious if maybe some members would post up what their department protocols are for a CO call with symptoms. Do you send an engine or truck company or maybe both? I could see the need for both on a CO call with symptoms, particularly with multiple victims . A CFR engine to care for victims in conjunction with EMS's lead, and a truck company to locate and eliminate the source and then vent. Of course a Fire Supervisor to coordinate. Just trying to right the track of the thread is all. Any responses would be interesting to read. Thanks.
  10. Nice post Mike. Now back to our regularly scheduled discussion as you aptly stated.
  11. Hey Ang, better get home quick Bro. Stay safe everybody. Prayers.
  12. Redirect Angelo........he was on his way here for Isaac with a bunch of supplies. I think he stopped at Chief Raftery's house, and well......they musta got into the ice bucket, and rocks glasses. heheh
  13. Y'all got window shutters up there? Best get 'em on.
  14. I don't think the Chief hates anybody "spin the wheel." TRUE firefighters are not haters. We respond and work to help people no matter their color, creed, whatever. Maybe, just maybe there is a genuine concern that fire/emergency protection and response is sorely lacking in areas of Westchester County, and it is being pointed out by many more than just the person you called out. We all know it. It's not just in volunteer protected areas. Many career/combo departments are not getting the manpower out adequately. Thus the call for consolidation which is largely ignored, something the chief and others here have been passionately trying to bring to the attention of the public, the media, the politicians for a very long time. Now you're out on the island, and we all know the volunteer departments out there are chock full of career firefighters from......other places nearby. Whole different animal. Walk a mile in the shoes of the firefighters in Westchester, who regardless of type of department are still responding daily without adequate staffing, then come back and see how you think about these issues at hand.
  15. That's a great idea to hear from a Somers member. However, I didn't post about this particular incident, I was only speaking in general terms about CO calls.