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  1. Did County come all the way from the Hudson?
  2. Thanks! Looks sharp.
  3. It's in service, any pictures of it?
  4. anyone have pictures of Eastchester's new 2102?
  5. what is this new rig used for?
  6. Hey champ- Wow. batt. 12 take it easy I thought I would put it up on here first (without any pricing) to see if anyone could take it.
  7. I have a set of 4 OEM wheels and tires for a 2015-2016 Colorado Z71. Brand new, but I don't have the room to store them. PM me with offers
  8. Very sharp. Too bad the Caprice never caught on.
  9. different model year Tahoes
  10. Do these have dump bodies that go on for the rest of the year? (like the Thruway Authority does)
  11. Seth, That's the yard right off 27 next to a Town Highway barn right? I thought the state used contractors to plow out there?
  12. Anyone know if Westchester County plows any county roads other than the Bronx River Parkway? I know they have contracts with municipalities for same.
  13. nearest truck is Ladder 16 from Tuckahoe station
  14. I believe FDMV identifies the Battalion by which group is working.
  15. I had seen one of these in the city after Sandy. Always wondered why NYSP needed a DOT dump truck. Makes sense now..... Someone should send this to Preet Bharara