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  • Name: Jack Bakker
  • Location Cape Cod, MA
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  • Primary Sector You Work In Emergency Services, Support Services
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  • Agency 1:GasUtility-EH&S- Retired 8/1/08!!! -/ 2:Briarcliff Manor VFD: Associate/Retired
  • Past Experience Former member, Mutual Engine & Hose Co. Mt Kisco FD.
    Former Company Line Officer and current Associate Member of Briarcliff Fire Company (Engine Co).
    Associate member Independent Hose Co#6, (Engine 101) Ossining FD.
    Member/former member of FASNY, HVVFA, WCVFFA
  • Interests My hobbies are Computers & Digital Photography.
    I Retired 8-1-08, after 38 years with ConEd! Most recently I was the Safety Administrator for Westchester Gas Operations EH&S. Responsibilities included all Westchester Gas Operations employee Safety and OSHA, Air-line (supplied air) respirator/SCBA maintenance, quarterly and annual respirator training, Fit testing.
    Prior to that I worked as a Shift Supervisor for Gas Emergency Response, responsible for Westchester employees involved in inside/outside gas odor complaint investigations, emergency response to gas leaks, structure fires, and third-party gas facility damages, plus routine gas system maintenance work everywhere there is natural gas in Westchester,

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  1. I'll have to give some thought about the LifeProof case. It seems to have many advantages, with kayaking and responding to marine mammal strandings and whatnot in my spare time. I would really like to see one of these in-person before buying it.
  2. I like the construction look of the desantis line, but I would prefer a landscape layout.
  3. I'm looking for a durable belt-clip pouch for my iPhone (4s), that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I had a universal case from Verizon that cost $20 at BJ's and until recently I thought was pretty decent, but it only lasted 7 months and now the clip gave out. I don't need a case with a swivel clip, in fact I would prefer a fixed loop to pass the belt through. Either a velcro or magnetic case closure is OK. And it doesn't have to be Military grade, but that might be something worth looking into. What do you guys use/Like?
  4. All the local PD's up here have the same State bid standard B&W cars, just personalized with town decals. I think B&W also helps increase vehicle visibility.
  5. TR54 found this!
  6. Contributions to 911TAF in memory of Rob Arons can be mailed to the following: Palm Beach County Fire Rescue C/O Ellen Chaisson 20 S Military Trail West Palm Beach, FL 33415 Note on check: In Honor of Robert Arons Please share this.
  7. Rob's Funeral Information Robert Arons was born November 3, 1964 and was originally from N. White Plains, NY. Survived by his father Joseph; his brother Michael and sister Ilene. He was a nephew, cousin and had countless friends which included his coworkers at Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and the emergency service field. He was predeceased by his mother Marilyn. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that a donation be made to 911 Telecommunicator Assistance Foundation c/o PB County Fire Rescue, 20 South Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33415, (Helping Those That Help Others),www.911taf.com or the charity of your choice. Service at Rubin Memorial Chapel, Boynton Beach, on Wednesday, April 24 at 11 am. 7340 Boynton Beach Blvd. Boynton Beach, FL 33437 (561) 853-3000 http://www.911taf.com/
  8. It is with great sadness that I announce that a good friend, Rob Arons passed away today (Sunday, 4/21). Rob was a volunteer Ex-Chief with Fairview FD and he previously worked at 60 Control as Operator 611. Rob "retired" from 60 so he could move to Florida, where he then worked as a dispatcher for Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue. One of Rob's friends said it all when he wrote: R.I.P. "Bubby"
  9. Rigorous training, awareness, accountability and sheer luck probably are significant factors helping prevent firefighter fatalities due to reduced staffing for interior operations. The current (under)manning levels are lunacy, expecting the first team of two guys to enter, search and suppress, and that's if everything goes according to plan. Whatever happened to two-in-two-out? Are 2 guys going in without the same number of guys on ready-standby, behind them ?
  10. Doing the math, the paid EMT isn't funded as a 24/7 full-time position. It's more like 12 hours a day, unless they're getting someone to work for $9.00 an hour. In any event, it's a good thing for the residents that the Village realizes there's a need for this and they are addressing it.
  11. While something needs to be done, an assault on The Constitution and The Bill of Rights for LEGAL GUN OWNERS is not the answer. We all know Gov.Cuomo is aspiring for a future presidential run, and (IMO) this is nothing more than a hot-button topic for him to ride on. For a snapshot of the effect that the toughest gun laws in the nation are capable of, all one needs to do is take a look at ChIcago, the guns-down, murder capitol of the country. Is this what you want for NY, too, Mr Governor?
  12. I'd really like to know what happened, just what Uncle Sam is doing with all the flood insurance policy premiums that "insured" are paying every month/year for their flood insurance, that now needs a bill passed by (a totally inept and polarized) congress in order to borrow money to pay legitimate claims?????
  13. Hold that thought....You might be on to something, there, Joe!
  14. The current Incident Alert template format has been in use for a while and we think it's time to review if there is a need for any improvements. We are inviting our members to provide suggestions for updating our incident alert template. You are the ones who use it so it's important for us to get everyone's feedback. For those interested, please submit your suggested version of an upgraded template. Once we get a number of entries, we will then open a poll thread for our members to select which would be the best one for posting of future incidents. Thanks in advance for participating!
  15. Seeing Santa riding on a fire truck is a age old tradition in many areas, that kids of all ages can enjoy experiencing this time of year! I will agree that it does have it's dangers, but by exercising some common sense, injuries to participants can be avoided. The apparatus driver has a good amount of responsibility over avoiding certain potential "obstacles" to Santa riding on top. For example If there were low hanging tree branches (s)he should slow down and drift away from the branches, conditions permitting, Or in the case of a low traffic signal, instead of passing directly right under it, a minor course correction to the left or right can give sufficient overhead clearance. Communication between the driver and riders by an obstacle spotter is extremely important. It's simply a matter of situational awareness.