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  1. E-One has begun production on the first of 2 Pumper-Tankers. Cyclone II chassis, 2,530 tank, 1,500 QMax pump. Sue in late November. The second will go into production in January. http://www.e-oneinprocess.com/index.php/TANKERS-01/141151
  2. So to add Putnam into the mix. Seems to work 4 digits Dept# - equipment type - unit designator Fire Dept's are numbered from 11-24 (alphebetically assigned), EMS 31-35, Brewster Dept 11, Carmel 12, .........Putnam Valley 24 Carmel VAC 31.....Putnamvalley VAC 34 1=Chief, 2=Pumper/Engine, 3=Brush, 4=Tanker, 5=Aerial, 6=Rescue, 7=Ambulance, 8=Utility, 9=Portable (Capt's, LT's, FP), M=Medic, Marine=Marine Last digit is the unit designator. County Teams are slightly different as they use their team # 40 (Investigation), 45 (Fire Police), 50 (HazMat) - Member ID# Ex:50-01 (Hazmat Captain), 50-18(Hazmat member 18) EX: Putnam Valley Chiefs 24-1-1, 24-1-2, 24-1-3 Engine 1= 24-2-1 Engine 2= 24-2-2 Tanker 1 24-4-1 Brush 1- 24-3-1 Aerial 24-5-1 Rescue 24-6-1 and so on
  3. Unionvale in Dutchess, Continental Village in Putnam/Westchester have US Tankers similar to that
  4. Make sure the com port setting in the program is looking for the correct location.
  5. http://firematic.com/cgi-bin/truckpdf1.cgi?path=Putnam%20Valley%2025262#page=2
  6. http://firematic.com/cgi-bin/truckpdf1.cgi?path=Putnam%20Valley%2025262#page=2
  7. County:Putnam City/Town/Municipality/Dept:Putnam Valley V.F.D. Unit designation:24-4-2 Pierce Arrow XT 2 Door Tanker/Pumper Pump :1250gpm 2500 gal Status: Delivered Notes: Replacing a 1979/1991 Pierce-Duplex 1000/2000 Tanker/Pumper. Will be similar in layout and design to 24-4-1 which is a 1999 Pierce Lance 2 Door Tanker/Pumper
  8. Definately the LENS program.
  9. It runs hot and cold. Fatalities may be down but the incident count seems to be on the rise. There were also talks of shutting the cross over as they did up North. The really bad spot is really between BPR and PHR. North of PHR has its share but again - it is better than it was.
  10. There are (were at least) plans for an overpass @ Pudding Street. It was in the works a year or 2 ago - before the State started cutting funding to DOT projects. I am not sure where the project stands now. It is needed, as was the Bryant Pond over pass, which has proven to be tremendous improvement in safety. It would be quite costly to improve the BPR - PHR section as there is a drop off on one side and a mountain on the other. I think North of PHR can be improved somewhat by further lengthening the turns - last round helped but now people just drive faster and roll over....
  11. The TSP is handled by 24-2-1 which is a 2005 KME 1000/1000 Engine/Rescue. Roll up doors do allow us to position closer to the rail and still have accequipmentquiment. The abbreviated list of equipment includes Holmatro rescue tools, Stabil struts, cribbing, high pressure air bags, portable winch (power at all 4 sides of the rig with a 2" receiver for the winch. It is kept at Station 2 on Peekskill Hollow Roaresponserespons with a minimum crew of 4. If additional personnel are needed, they are brought by out crew cab utility, a Chiefs car, or another piece of apparatus. We generally respond directly to scenes but to the parkway SOP is Fire Police POV and official vehicles only on the parkway. As for space being tight--of course accidents rarely happen on the wide and straight part so yes at times navigating the "course" can be challenging -- especially when cars are stacked bumper to bumper and you have a guide rail on the left, and stone wall of guide rail on the right. This is where we would either cut off any traffic slipping past the incident and respond in the "wrong" way, or take (shut) a lane on the other side of the center rail (opposite direction of travel) -- IE scene is in the NB lanes, we would shut the left lane in the SB lanes and operathererom ther as a last resort. And I was told that the "average" speed on our stretch of the TSP is 85 m.p.h. People are always trying to pass apparatus and try and blow through the scene before "WE cause a traffic back up". It can be CRAZY out there. Forget about the bad weather.....thats another story
  12. As it does happen more frequently the past few years, after traffic going in the direction of travel has been confirmed stopped completely by PD or Fire units on scene, the apparatus is generally directed to enter the parkway from the next access and head the opposite direction of the designated direction of travel - in this case--traffic in the NB lanes was shut completely South of Peekskill Hollow Rd. Apparatus would then enter (after confirmed closed) at PHR and proceed cautiously South in the NB lane. If no units are o/l, generally the first unit would head (in this case) South in the SB lane to size up the scene and close confirmcorfirm no traffic flow.
  13. It was a tragic accident. May Gerry Rest In Peace. I had read they are bringing employees from other areas (Non-Union areas)in to work - I guess they will be called scabs too. I still fail to undertand why someone has to be in a union to know how to do a job or have any skill. This is an insult to those not in unions that are skilled workers of the middle class.