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  1. Very Sad RIP
  2. Just out of curiosity, I'm not a very educated person or one who constantly express's ideas/thoughts, but why is suicide becoming a persistent matter in our every day lives... Weird :-/. Thanks.. Why are these people doing it
  3. It's been exactly 7 months, what the heck is going on?!?!
  4. Ah shoot, we forgot to take off our IAFF sticker.
  6. Wow, The zoom on that is incredible!..
  7. Recommends going to PBR @ Madison Square Garden

  8. Say you work a full time job, 7-330. How could you incorporate this into your schedule?
  9. This was my first PD test... Thought I Bombed it but i was suprised to find out i passed ... Number 1490 on the List, Pretty cool. I know chances are probably slim, but like i said, i was pumped i passed. Congrats to anyone else who did the same!
  10. Any Word on the Results Yet?? :angry:
  11. Tight Squeeze....
  12. In Your Opinion(besides a boat) what would be the best location to watch the Macy's Fireworks.. I havn't gone in Years and was thinking about going down.
  13. Awsome... Best Saying ive ever heard regaurding any situation like this.... " Fire doesnt care what color you are"... Congrats
  14. I Dont know if i was in the Wrong Lot or what, but it seemed like there was no one in Dutchess