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  1. Thiells FD (Rockland County) Rescue. Spartan/Rescue 1 set to arrive May 2018
  2. Thiells FD (Rockland County) has placed an order for a new Rescue to replace there 1986 Saulsbury Rescue. The new Rescue will be a Spartan / Rescue 1 walk around.
  3. A go-fund me page has been set up, due to this incident - On April 30, Vinny Plotino, a volunteer fire fighter of 24 years was injured in a fire. At 2:14am Vinny responded to an electrical fire located on Bushwick Avenue in Central Islip. While performing his duties, he along with another firefighter fell through the stairs. Vinny suffered second and third degree burns to his neck, hands, leg, and foot. He is currently being very well taken care of at the Suffolk County Volunteer Firefighters Burn Center in Stony Brook. The team of doctors, nurses, and staff have been amazing throughout this difficult time. The love and support he has received from his fellow brothers, friends, and family are very much appreciated. This Go-Fund Me account was created to help Vinny financially while he recovers and gets back to work. He has an amazing son Julian, who many of us know and love. Vinny's number one priority is his son. We do not want Vinny to worry about finances while recovering. Donations will help pay for everyday expenses and bills. In addition, 10% of the total amount received will be donated to The Suffolk County Volunteer Firefighters Burn Center at Stony Brook. Thank you to anyone who is able to contribute and for all the prayers and well wishes.
  4. Thats how come you no longer see Troopers on the Palisades Parkway in Rockland, they have been re-assigned to Manhattan.
  5. Date: 03/11/2017 Time: 07:00 Location: 248 North Main St. District: Spring valley Battalion: 17-1 Channel: 46.18 Weather: Cold, 18* Units: Spring Valley Full Response, Mutual Aid - Hillcrest, South Spring Valley, Tallman, New City, Suffern, Nanuet, Pearl River, West Nyack, Sloatsburg Writer: Steve Description: Fire throughout a three story garden apartment complex
  6. Heard there was a problem with there tone notification system going down. There was a delay in getting some equipment on the road. Some firehouses had to be notified by landline to respond.
  7. I wonder if he realizes the Palisades Speedway AKA : Parkway, is located in the State of NY. I travel this parkway, twice daily and never see any patrols or traffic enforcement. I was referring to the NY/ Rockland County portion of the PIP.
  8. I wonder if he realizes the Palisades Speedway AKA : Parkway, is located in the State of NY. I travel this parkway, twice daily and never see any patrols or traffic enforcement.
  9. I am not really crazy about this idea. I know when I hear a siren while driving on a highway the first thing I do is look in my rear view mirror.
  10. Has anyone attended the Firehouse Expo 2016 in Nashville . I am looking for some feedback. How did it compare to Baltimore and FDIC in Indinapolis?
  11. What a disgrace. And this individual is in a career of helping people, give me a break.
  12. I do a lot of highway driving in the tri-state area. People are just oblivious as to what is going on around them while driving. I have noticed that there really is not much traffic enforcement on our local highways anymore. Whatever happened to the NYS Police UNmarked blue tahoes, I don't see them on the road any longer.
  13. Well done, Seth. Keep up the good work.
  14. http://louderwithcrowder.com/epic-louisiana-police-call-out-gangs-in-new-video/#.Vs4mFUU8LCT I like this guy !!!