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  1. The PBA had to buy the car for $3,000? Why couldn't the City of White Plains donate it? Oh yes must not forget this is the CITY OF WHITE PLAINS.
  2. No front suction ugh!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hats off to the "whistle blower" who leaked the e-mails to channel 12 news. Let's hope Kelly sues for $20 million dollars and wins.
  4. Maybe Richardson will be the next commissioner. It happened in Yonkers years ago Pagano went from FF to Commissioner.
  5. Ever since Joe Macellaro Sr. retired and then unfortunately passed away the Little Spot has been on a steady decline. Joe Jr. has been involved with many business ventures over the years all ending in failure.
  6. Several years ago the Town of Ossining contracted with the County to provide police protection for 5 years. As part of the deal the County hired all of the Town of Ossining's police officers including the chief. After the 5 years were up the Town of Ossining told the county they were moving on to the Village of Ossining for police protection. That being said the County has all the former Town of Ossining police officers on staff no longer used to police the Town of Ossining. Is there really a shortage?
  7. Go to Facebook "did you ever live in Elmsford" scroll down there is a group picture with Roger Girling in the first row far right. Good luck.
  8. Tele-Squrt: Millwood
  9. Thanks Seth, Hope you are doing well.
  10. Can anyone explain the "sorry we can't find that" message that appears when clocking on "more photos" as well as "more protection from the past". This has been going on for a long time. Thanks
  11. Make up a mix of water and non toxic anti-freeze.
  12. WCPD took all of the Town of Ossining's officers including the chief who was made a captain. If the County looses the contract then they should no longer need the personnel they hired from the Town of Ossining. In theory these people should be laid off.
  13. I never met Sam. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family
  14. If you are not a confirmed resident of White Plains (they sleep in your mail box) you don't stand a chance of being hired.
  15. Great pix thanx.