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  1. http://www.umtownship.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ChiefFireEMS-20180208.pdf
  2. Already hit Philadelphia... www.ambulimo.com ...crew wears tuxedos with white gloves!
  3. It's still unclear to what extent they will be using the new choppers for medevac missions....most helipads in NJ/PA are not certified to accommodate its weight... Rescue operations are based out of Trenton-Mercer Airport and reportedly a rescue qualified crew can be mustered on all tours.
  4. Watch out for White Plains Nissan...they are pulling the same nonsense. I needed to have my engine REPLACED in my meticulously cared for Xterra because another dealer stated that they had not performed any of the services on record SPECIFICALLY oil changes. Because of the electronic records generated by each "service" I was able to have a new engine installed at no cost. BEWARE! Unless you know your mechanic I suspect this nonsense is occuring EVERYWHERE!
  5. These are the first tree-huggers to ask "what took you so long?" when they need help! TWO THUMBS DOWN! Get a life.
  6. This is the 2nd of 2 serious "firefighters trapped" incidents here in Delaware County, PA in the past 6 weeks. This was an exterior attack on a detached garage when a partial collapse trapped 3 firefighters. The entire incident unfolded before the first 20 minute mark. May FF Regan Rest In Peace. Audio: http://www.firegroundaudio.com/audio/Delco..._919_Coates.mp3 Photos: http://public.fotki.com/Firefoto3/fires__o...oates-st-2-ala/ Stay safe, Delco 15-11
  7. Rest in Peace x827
  8. It depends on what features you are interested in... the fire/ems scheduling just didn't have the features we wanted. The responding-reply system worked very well and would give you a good idea of your staffing for a call (especially 2nd ambulance calls) who was coming down and their approx ETA. With that though, everyone needs to participate every time or else it's a useless tool. The phone/email text paging was another great feature since we eliminated our alpha pagers and went with the ""free" county pagers that are good paperweights. Are these capabilities worth $800/year, $66/month? I think so.
  9. Just finished trialing this system here... It's only good if you remember to use it. Admin functions are limited, but it does do group email/text paging.
  10. The Radnor Fire Company of Wayne, PA is currently accepting applications for the position of Full-time Firefighter/EMT Requirements Include: Valid Drivers license CDL (within 6 months of hire date) High School Diploma or GED Equivalent Firefighter I Current PA DOH EMT-B CPR (healthcare provider level) Haz-Mat Operations Pump Operations EVOC Applications can be obtained at the Radnor Fire Company (121 S. Wayne Avenue) or be downloaded from www.radnorambulance.com (will be up in the next day or two) Any Questions, Contact Michael McKenzie Firehouse: 610-687-3245 E-mail: Jobs@Radnorambulance.com OR P.M. on this forum: RadnorCo15 Application Deadline: September 6th, 2007
  11. The list price for this unit is about $15,000. I've been quoted prices as low as $8,500-$10,000 on various "deals." Refurbs are usually available at reduced cost as well as leasing/financing. Right now we are in a "phase 2" trial, we have the unit (at no cost) for 1 year. The only restrictions we have on the use are the manufacturers recommendations for size/weight and traumatic codes. If the code warrents CPR, the device is applied. I see where you are going with the "savable;" certainly this device has the potential to revive patients with little or no brain function left. On the contrary, this device has the potential to revive patients that normally wouldn't have a chance. The technology is truly remarkable. Unfortunately due to the cost I don't see it becoming "main stream" very soon.
  12. So far we've had 3 uses with the Autopulse on the BLS truck...all 3 produced ROSC (Return Of Spontaneous Circulation).
  13. From my Horton rep...Diesel E's start rolling off the factory line again October 1, 2007.
  14. it's been done in the past...isn't this the 2nd or 3rd "final season?"
  15. Gotta root for the alma mater...Go 'Nova! FYI massive Fire/Police/EMS preparations for final four... When Villanova won the title in '85 riots ensued.