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  1. Are those lights amber? They almost look red in these pics.
  2. NJSP Helicopter #9, picking up Gov. Christie today.
  3. Fleet Week NYC 2014, USMC Air demo at Rye Playland today. 2 Cobra Gunships and 2 CH-53's.
  4. Funeral Info: http://cliffviewpilot.com/funeral-set-for-medal-of-honor-winner-from-cresskill-96/
  5. NYPD is probably closest, but NJSP aviation is also capable of hoist operations on their new AW139's
  6. Here is another one of their trucks today at Holy Name Hospital ER, Teaneck NJ. Scott
  7. It is definitely NJ plates. I see similar trucks to this on Rt 95 approaching the GWB. I'm not sure who operates it, but I have a feeling they run between Teterboro Airport and NYC pretty often. Scott
  8. This is a pic I took of Corolla's platform in June, 2007. Looks like it was called Platform 637 then, also looks like they've updated the lights on it since then. Scott
  9. Might be a stupid question, but after looking at the scene lights I am curious- Do the scene lights have to be positioned by hand or is there a remote to move them? I assume they are adjustable.
  10. Here is a shot of it getting lifted....Scott
  11. Here is another pic of it on the Hudson last July. I thought I posted this last summer, but I can't find the thread now. Scott
  12. I think you passed me on the way there, I was wondering where the Engine was going. I was in my patrol car sitting on the shoulder of the highway in NJ, I think you had a department utility truck with you too. Nice pics.
  13. This was the 2nd LODD for 2012, a Sergeant in Puerto Rico was also shot and killed today, a horrible start to the new year. Stay safe! Scott
  14. The Officer Down Memorial Page is also reporting that he has passed. http://www.odmp.org/officer/21058-police-officer-arnulfo-crispin