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fire patrol nyc

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  1. I checked their site...nothing is listed for 30 June....
  2. Thanks Peter for the kind words....I understand what you and Alan are getting at....still I will rest when at least the official IAFF total is 344....try to see it from my point of view.....FDNY can do as it pleases but the IAFF is supposed to represent all members...
  3. For your information he was a member of the IAFF local I-26...dues paying member....not remembered by them also.... since the Fire Patrol pre dates the paid FDNY...and it was on the recommendation of the Board of Fire Underwriters that a paid dept be formed...given all this,the courtesy could have been extended...and should have been.Not only my opinion but also of many others....
  4. As we approach Sept.11th. let us not forget Keith Roma NYFP #2...and all the brothers and sisters..who gave all....god save the USA
  5. The little king will have his way...the princess shall not stop him...but the voters might!
  6. The mayor refers to the money as "Taxpayer money"...the 2% money is tax money collected from the insurance industry...not the taxpayers of New York State....
  7. Don't believe i would trust the state or the city to administer the funds what's your opinion???
  8. Mount Vernon tried it too,no deal....
  9. Not a good idea,but sometimes it's necessary seen it done many times in NYC and other cities....never saw the aerial rip up a roof just take out windows...
  10. Just came back from Suffolk County...saw many NYSP vehicles...also NYSP at the Whitestone bridge...heard from people that they are writing tickets....not to be out done Nassau and Suffolk have their police out in force,also writing.....guess who pays for this little pis--ng war?
  11. Why is this a surprise ?It's good to be the king to answer to no one....like father like son....
  12. Winning bid was $5100.00,hope is goes to a good home.....
  13. Anybody have any pics of the Yonkers Oshkosh DPW trucks?Would love to see them,Yonkers had a large fleet of Oshkosh dump trucks also called "stripper trucks" used in coal mines as well as garbage trucks...all equipped with plow hook ups...hope this Oshkosh goes to a good home..
  14. Common sense in Boston....at last a fire engine to fight fire and not to look at......New York,are you watching?
  15. NICE!!! Remember Keith Roma NYFP 120...... the forgotten #344