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fire patrol nyc

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  • Name: joe krasko
  • Location yonkers ny
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  • Agency new york city fire patrol
  • Past Experience fire patrol 32 years,captian mount vernon v.f.d.us navy firefighter,mount vernon fire disp.
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  1. Common sense in Boston....at last a fire engine to fight fire and not to look at......New York,are you watching?
  2. NICE!!! Remember Keith Roma NYFP 120...... the forgotten #344
  3. A step in the right direction....let's keep it up.....
  4. Let the games begin....
  5. Let's watch the Yonkers smoke and mirror show......and see what develops,if I know Yonkers it will be a doozy . They need a house in Ridge Hill!!!
  6. Well said GreatPlains588 !!!!!!!!
  7. According to LEO D STAPLETON,people in Boston use last summers beach chairs to mark spots shoveled out for their cars.....as for last winters snow shovels no one knows..... hang in there....spring is coming....
  8. "No comment until the time limit is up"
  9. So...it's what's expected for any VIP...it's not the first time the city was not reimbursed for services to a VIP....won't be the last.......
  10. To answer 61MackBR1...and anybody else.....IT"S YONKERS...nothing is easy...nothing is simple...everything is a problem...in my opinion the administration is waiting to get the right price for the School st location,the building will not be torn down, it may be converted to residential/commercial... let's wait and see.......this is my OPINION based on years of observation of Yonkers politics...other opinions welcome
  11. I'am thinking the reason for no fence is the same as the San Diego-Coronado bridge...they don't want to spoil the view...unfortunately the SD-Coronado bridge is an easy bridge to jump from,low barriers .....same as the GW......
  12. Why is this always a surprise... The PA answers to NO ONE...never has and never will.....
  13. O the times we live in.......
  14. Ok guys....point taken...didn't mean to imply abuse...with staffing what it is ,we all need each other...