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  1. Must have been difficult responding with a light pole in the middle of the apparatus door
  2. Not including Clown cars and various Cushmans and segways, I was told that the NYPD has a variety of RMPs makes ,in the event of a serious manufacturers recall, the entire fleet would not be affected, now I do not know if that is fact or fiction
  3. I wonder if DOWNTOWN BOSTON had any issues with the SCBA s that the MSA's replaced , I believe SCOTT 4.5 ,and was the neck and back injuries proclaimed as the reason for the job wide change a real issue
  4. Hope it works out for them if scoop is true, Many huge homes far off the road, challenging firefighting
  5. Love the Chief with the bandana around his face for smoke, I presume >Looks like a stagecoach robber
  6. Tragic loss to his family, friends and the entire Fire Service
  7. Straight streams will illustrate if all items were installed correctly and what has to be revisited by dealer
  8. Back a few years ago when Chief Corcoran was chosen as Police Chief of Rye,did he not have full qualifications, now in the same City how is the Fire Chief permitted to lead folks in one of Americas most dangerous professions and charged with the lives of it's firefighter and citizens plus their possessions. with no documented qualifications, when will professionalism ever hit the Fire service ?
  9. With a residential fire it is often better to control the door and give it a quick dash thru a side window or enter thru a bilco style door if available. The under side of these stairs are often totally exposed to fire and can collapse with or without the weight of a fire fighter or firefighters.. We were always taught to get down the cellar stairs as quickly as possible to get out of the flow path, but perhaps taming the tiger a little bit and going down in a safer mode, for final extinguishment might be a saner approach. Commercial cellars you often do not have simple options, who remembers Bresnan distributors, Hart and Baker cellar pipes ? God I love the classics Seriously, I hope the WPFD guys are OK and mend quickly.
  10. I wonder how good foam developed for smothering would do on a deep seated dumpster fire, when you have to soak way down deep.
  11. In this case it was a good move, ask the guys inside, not too much strain on the aerial ladder and a minimum of lateral pressure which as we know is an aerials weakness. Perhaps a little freshening up on the orange tip paint , a unmelted rubber rung cover and all will be well. But seriously that move sure got results.
  12. Yellow rigs are encouraged if not mandated at the airport for fire apparatus as fuel trucks are painted red. We certainly would not want to confuse the two.
  13. This the second fire on this site with a massive house fire seemingly starting in the garage( Fairview NJ). A car going on fire possibly extending to a second vehicle and most definitely the storage which usually includes combustibles and often flammable liquids, pesticides and God forbid winter propane storage, will generate a tremendous fire condition and volume of smoke unlike any place else in a dwelling. Additionally there will be a delayed discovery as smoke detectors are not normally in a garage,
  14. The Lime Yellow rigs which started in the 1970's and was championed by a eye Doctor by the name of Solomon seems not to have gained extensive popularity, .perhaps due to tradition or what difference does it make with all the warning lights. The good Doctor thru extensive testing found that the Lime color was more visible to the eye and there was no such color in nature except in a baby's diaper.