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  1. .The response of the FDNY small boat to Rye illustrates what some think is one of the great weaknesses in Westchester fire protection is along the Sound Shore where fire fighting capabilities are shaky to .non existent. From the Bronx line to Connecticut there are billions of dollars of boats, marine facilities and shore front properties yet there is little meaningful fire protection.
  2. Regional approach, the only real answer
  3. Under the circumstances this is really BUSH LEAGUE
  4. What happens to peoples snow shovels over the summer that they have to go out and buy new ones at the first hint of snow. ??????
  5. Legacy is the strength of the Fire Service
  6. If I am not mistaken the Consolidation Plan submitted several years ago consisting of around 10 willing Departments and District would have put as many as 26 men and on the scene in 6 minutes on three engines, two ladders , a heavy rescue and Incident Commander , the location of this fire was a perfect example. The craziest part of the whole plan would have been the closest firehouse to the call responded, despite municipal boundaries could you imagine that ?????
  7. I recall Eng.1 Ldr.1 Res. 1 on School Street, additionally I remember Eng 2 an Ldr.2 on Vineyard Avenue, however what is the history of Eng. 5
  8. Will staffing studies be an annual event in New Rochelle ?
  9. How about all times New Rochelle sends out Mutual Aid and never says a thing
  10. January is not prime leave time in career Departments , what will they do in July/August ?????
  11. It is just Gov. Cuomo preparing for his run for President in 2020, this will attract the enviormental crowd and his recent appearance with Bernie to announce free college tuition in New York State will attract those who believe that.
  12. Some New Rochelle Fire Houses are over 100 years old and I am certain had this house not been in a prime renewal location it too would have become 100 years old in 2066
  13. Lesson learned for the Fire Service on limited access highways and interstates, position a blocking apparatus between on coming traffic and operating units. Know how to slant blocking rig to deflect a vehicle away from the troops should it be struck. Better yet shut down traffic, at least till the emergency phase of operation is under control,
  14. Bet that tractor trailer tiller job needed a new paint job on one side and new plastic lens for the warning lights.
  15. Wonderful guy and a great Chief Officer, really "into the job" New Rochelle is very fortunate to have Bob Benz in a leadership role.