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  1. I wonder how good foam developed for smothering would do on a deep seated dumpster fire, when you have to soak way down deep.
  2. In this case it was a good move, ask the guys inside, not too much strain on the aerial ladder and a minimum of lateral pressure which as we know is an aerials weakness. Perhaps a little freshening up on the orange tip paint , a unmelted rubber rung cover and all will be well. But seriously that move sure got results.
  3. Yellow rigs are encouraged if not mandated at the airport for fire apparatus as fuel trucks are painted red. We certainly would not want to confuse the two.
  4. This the second fire on this site with a massive house fire seemingly starting in the garage( Fairview NJ). A car going on fire possibly extending to a second vehicle and most definitely the storage which usually includes combustibles and often flammable liquids, pesticides and God forbid winter propane storage, will generate a tremendous fire condition and volume of smoke unlike any place else in a dwelling. Additionally there will be a delayed discovery as smoke detectors are not normally in a garage,
  5. The Lime Yellow rigs which started in the 1970's and was championed by a eye Doctor by the name of Solomon seems not to have gained extensive popularity, .perhaps due to tradition or what difference does it make with all the warning lights. The good Doctor thru extensive testing found that the Lime color was more visible to the eye and there was no such color in nature except in a baby's diaper.
  6. Looks like a rig, one could actually operate with and fight a fire, One doesn't have to be a member of the New York Knicks to get hose from the rear or mattydales
  7. The SFFD has what seems miles of LDH hose stored at the waterfront where the Fireboat is quartered, the play is to have that hose stretched into the city and have the fireboat pump it. Now in 1989 (I think) when the earthquake struck during the World Series, television showed gangs of civilians stretching the LDH hose into the burning areas. The cisterns are a great idea as underground water mains and pump stations become problematic. A company just had to pull the man hole cover and drop in their hard suction and they have access to thousands and thousands of gallons of water. With hills and thousands of closely built frame dwellings it would be some battle to save the city in the event of a major earthquake. I am sure they have extensive plans to react, legend has it back in 1906 the first fatality of the earthquake was the Chief of Department, when his chimney fell thru his ceiling and killed him in his bed, along with him went his elaborate earthquake plans.
  8. .The response of the FDNY small boat to Rye illustrates what some think is one of the great weaknesses in Westchester fire protection is along the Sound Shore where fire fighting capabilities are shaky to .non existent. From the Bronx line to Connecticut there are billions of dollars of boats, marine facilities and shore front properties yet there is little meaningful fire protection.
  9. Regional approach, the only real answer
  10. Under the circumstances this is really BUSH LEAGUE
  11. What happens to peoples snow shovels over the summer that they have to go out and buy new ones at the first hint of snow. ??????
  12. Legacy is the strength of the Fire Service
  13. If I am not mistaken the Consolidation Plan submitted several years ago consisting of around 10 willing Departments and District would have put as many as 26 men and on the scene in 6 minutes on three engines, two ladders , a heavy rescue and Incident Commander , the location of this fire was a perfect example. The craziest part of the whole plan would have been the closest firehouse to the call responded, despite municipal boundaries could you imagine that ?????
  14. I recall Eng.1 Ldr.1 Res. 1 on School Street, additionally I remember Eng 2 an Ldr.2 on Vineyard Avenue, however what is the history of Eng. 5