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  1. Now that the list's been established, anyone heard anything about hiring off this exam?
  2. Any ambulance corps can do it, you just have to find a corps that has officers that are willing to consider your vehicle an official agency fly car and tell the state so. On the flip side though, that means you are responsible for meeting all state requirements to, such as what equipment you carry, markings on your vehicle, having your vehicle inspected at any time by state EMS to make sure you are compliant with requirements, etc. I don't know of anyone besides Hatzolah who allows members, other than chief officers, to run red lights in their personal vehicles
  3. You could volunteer as an EMT, but your corps would need to have the state certify your personal vehicle a a corps fly car. of become a Chief officer of an FD or Ambulance corps
  4. First, I don't really see how the color schemes match, other than they both have New York State on them in yellow letters. The patrol car is either NYSP blue or a very close match and has the tbta patch and license plate on it. The truck is black and looks like someone flipped the dot color scheme, making the yellow parts black and black parts yellow, and then it has a generic NYS logo on the door. Plus, what would the TBTA be doing with 30 of those trucks up in Rockland County? Finally tbta pd is already their own law enforcement agency, if they split away from the tbta, who answers to the mta, who's authority would they be under in order to enforce any laws or have a jurisdiction. Do you really think it's the BTO's behind this? This is Cumuo taking a page out of Bloomberg's book from when Bloomberg had all the traffic and school safety vehicles repainted white and light blue to make it look like there were more cops on the streets. Since Cumuo is sending as many troopers as he can to NYC in whatever him and DeBlasio are going on about, Cumuo is repainting all state law enforcement vehicles down there in NYSP colors to make it look like there's more troopers out there. Wouldn't suprise me if you saw the MTA pd start switching over too.
  5. Maybe the state is planning on using theses trucks the same way NYC DOT uses their trucks as road blocks. Fill one of those up with sand or gravel and you have a roadblock that can go anywhere under it's own power. Prevent car bombs from getting out onto a bridge such as the Whitestone, or you might see these preventing vehicles from entering pedestrian areas of major events to avoid a repeat of last months attack in Berlin.
  6. So I rpobably just don't understand this, but what is the point of having civil service status employees for the Town of Patterson if they are only going to be part time. As far as I'm aware, only full time employees of a municipality need to be civil service. Then again, I guess this does mean they are going to get $20 from everyone who wants to apply for the job.
  7. So I keep hearing the Orange County Sheriff's corrections division is actively hiring per diem COs. Does anyone know if they currently have any plans to hire off of the CO list that came out this summer?
  8. Sloatsburg (Rockland) just received a 2016 E-One Typhoon 78' quint and has a 2016 E-One rescue pumper scheduled for delivery early next year. The new trucks will replace 15-quad and 15-rescue. Pic from Orange and Rockland Fire Facebook page
  9. Date: 11/26/16 Time: approx 12:00 Location: Creek on County 1 between the railroad tracks and the Warwick Valley School Bus Garage District: Warwick FD/EMS Battalion: 6 Channel: Weather: 40s, partly sunny Units: Warwick FD (full department), Monroe FD ( dive team), Cromner Valley FD ( dive team), Warwick EMS (201, 203, 205 (rehab), 208 (duty lieutenant), 209 (captain)), Town of Warwick PD (patrol, Watch Commander), NYSP (Patrol, Scuba, investigators (accident reconstruction?), Lieutenant), NYS DEC encon police. Stand Bys: Florida FD (1 engine to Warwick FD Station 1) Pine Island FD (1 engine to Warwick FD Station 2), Greenwood Lake EMS (1 ambulance stand by Warwick EMS station 1) Writer: Description: Initial call for a vehicle found submerged in the creek, unknow when it went in, unknown victims. Rescue swimmers from Warwick FD located the driver in the vehicle, driver transported to Saint Anthony's ER BLS, no available ALS, cpr in progress. Vehicle cleared and Divers from Monroe FD, Cromner Valley FD, and NYSP searched the creek for additional victims, none found. Scene turned over to Warwick PD and NYSP for further investigation. Greenwood Lake EMS and Warwick EMS station 2 units handeled multiple EMS calls in the district during the incident.
  10. The article does mention that Port Jervis Vac will only cover Deerpark and Port Jervis, and at least as far as I'm aware, there was never a point where there wasn't around the clock staffing, at least in the recent years
  11. http://www.recordonline.com/news/20161122/deal-oked-to-save-port-jervis-volunteer-ambulance-corp
  12. Don't Count Port Jervis out just yet, And that would be $30 - $40,000 a year from just the city, on top of whatever the town set aside for the corps, billing, and whatever other revenue sources they have
  13. Tanker will be a Spartan on a commercial chassis
  14. I like how the women are complaining that they were not notified about the siren when they moved into the development. First of all, isn't the area and what's around the property something you look at when you go look at and/or research a property for sale. Second of all, didn't anyone go outside, see the pole (especially the lady across the street), and go "Hmmm, I wonder what that telephone pole with horns atop it is?" and then ask?" And who's responsibility is it to notify new people moving in of this siren? I also like how the one lady attributes her stroke to the siren. How does a noise cause you to have a brain bleed or a clot make it to your brain. Personally, I think the FD was right in offering to move the siren but having the neighbors pay for the move. I'm sure the FD had permission from whatever municipalities when they put up the siren and whatever other permits and permissions they needed, and now these women have come in and decided to live right next to the siren and complain about it. It's like someone who moves next to an airport and then complains about the noise from the planes.
  15. Not sure where you saw that Could just be that A&E already had a contract with the city to do a season 3 in NOLA, and the city didn't want to inccur whatever penalties came from breaking the contract