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  1. Rest in Peace Brother
  2. Just to clarify too the VA is in Dutchess County and one in Westchester County.
  3. I too worked there part time and lots of good memories and always getting stuck with "a Late call" . Lot of good perople still there until the end and hopefully they'll carry on.
  4. Nice shots Bill.... Isnt that the same area where there was a fatal a month or so ago? It was on a motorcycle then to I believe
  5. 1st thanks for sharing ypur photos Jet. 2nd I'm surprised noone has commentedon what appears to be a bottle on the rear floor of the the red minivan.........
  6. Great Pictures . Thanks for sharing them. I remember as a younster Dennis Smith had a book out too called "Firehouse" I beleive and it was full of pictures like that too. I met him amd he signed it for me as a young child and inside he wrote the names of the guys that he worked with that were in his book" Report from Engine Co 82"
  7. Congrats Ferg
  8. 2nd that thought Ouch
  9. Nice shots as usual Bill !!!!!!!!!
  10. I think it's a shame that the Poughkeepsie Journal has yet to carry a story about this and fails to acknowledge what these 2-3 people did. I say Hats off to them and a job well done.