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  1. Does Hartsdale have one of the county foam trailers?
  2. They paid the Fire District, Now they are trying to get their money back for the Fire Department (or FD's Insurance). Still a scum move
  3. According to E-One's website it still shows Nichols for the lower Hudson Valley http://www.e-one.com/us-canada-dealer-search/?state=New+York&county=Westchester+County
  4. In a combination department the money is split on a pro rated basis between the career and volunteer side
  5. I Believe E-97 has a tool
  6. If you have lights "all over your personal vehicle" you have already broken the law.
  7. It-s Rockland for Rescue Truck
  8. Looks like normal white over red to me
  9. Yes, Usually means you are getting a grant
  10. 2441 is white, 2442 is red, will 2443 be blue? Truly patriotic!
  11. How many career staff were on the assignment. 3? 4? If that's all that's on duty at the station on any given shift, isn't Larchmont playing a shell game to begin with?
  12. This year July 1 is a Wednesday. I have Mamaroneck on my schedule as Tuesday 6/30