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  1. That is true they do. They did keep the Hahn for what 32 years?
  2. Is there any talks of replacing Engine 1? I know the Pierce is also a 98
  3. Thanks. I've seen some of the Ferarra's with the full black look and must say they are sharp
  4. Vodoly, you may know. Saw in Fire Apparatus Magazine that Garfield NJ ordered a Ferrara Engine. Which engine are they replacing? I know Engine 1 and 3 are both 98's so was wondering if you heard anything
  5. The Ellenville truck is indeed a Arrow XT Cab. Last I was told was it will be a quint with a 2000gpm pump and 500 water. If I remember right it is based off the stock 105' quint Pierce makes with some different options
  6. The Ellenville vote actually failed 3 times. Every year the department puts money in a separate account towards a vehicle purchase or when they would purchase a truck they had a decent down payment towards it. The last vote failed over a year ago mainly because former members giving bad information and stirring the pot. The current truck is 27 years old. The department finally had enough to purchase the truck without having to go to vote or bid hence why they went right with Pierce. The pumper tanker did decent at vote. The current pumper tanker is 25 years old. All in all I think it's a great thing that they are finally able to make much needed purchases as the ladder was becoming quite costly every year to keep up with repairs
  7. Once again here goes the bashing of Mobile Life. If you are so butthurt over it big deal. Don't come on to a forum and start bad mouthing another agency. When it comes down to it, Mobile Life is a professional agency and has been run like one for years. Hence the expansion and the recognition the agency has. TOWVAC for years has talked about going and becoming a ALS agency. Good for them for finally going ahead and making that happen. They have had quite a bit of ups and downs and if this brings them into a good position for the areas they service then so be it. Is it a huge loss to Mobile Life? Yes it is. The Town of Wallkill is a busy area and will continue to be. But on a serious note, quite coming on to a forum and start bashing a agency because you are butthurt over them. If you have such a issue with Mobile Life, bring it to them directly instead of sitting behind a computer and talking trash. In the end all it does is make you look like a tool and a pot stirrer and seriously if you have the time to sit there at the computer and do that, well then just goes to show what kind of person you are off of here. Yes it is news that people want to hear about i'm sure as Mobile Life has been prominent in Orange County for many years but no one wants to hear someone being a douche and running their mouth about a company
  8. Sounds like some people are butt hurt about this who have nothing to do with the agency. Is it a shame that this happens to a Volunteer agency? Yes it is but they are still receiving ambulance service. The residents of that ambulance district do not care who the ambulance company is as long as one shows up when they are requested. All that is going on right now is speculation as to why they were shut down so really no one has anything to say until it is made public. Maybe everyone forgot a few years ago the careless spending of the agency? Maybe it caught up to them finally. Maybe they were unable to crew more often then not. There has always been issues there. And it's not just them but it happens to every agency, Fire and EMS. So instead of poking around and saying back door deals of who is the ambulance company serving Chester or speculating what happened, why don't people just wait until it is made public and get the true story. All it does is stir the pot for no reason because some people feel the need to just start issues without knowing facts
  9. speaking of bergen county tillers...does anyone have pictures of Garfield's Maxim tiller before it was replaced due to an accident?
  10. I'm looking for info on what requirements as far as tools go for a truck to be classified as a rescue in NYS. I have an agency running a truck with equipment that is damaged and unsafe and personnel non trained and like to know what equipment they need to carry to be called a rescue
  11. does that mean they are replacing that ugly a** metz ladder they have now?
  12. I don't know how the NYC system runs but from an EMS standpoint it does look like some sort of system because the numbers and colors coinside witht he start triage system
  13. For all of you waiting to see pics of Thornwood's new engine, Pierce has a picture of it under new deliveries. All i'm gonna say is damn what a nice truck
  14. My volly squad recently bought new ferno stretchers. I believe they are the 93p model but I'm not positive. They are heavy duty and can carry patients I believe over 650 lbs. They also come with the LBS plates for the "bigger" patients and have actually held up well. The only down side to them is the doorway needs to be wide enoguh for the stretcher to go through with the LBS plates on. If not it becomes useless to use. But the stretchers are good. I've also used the stryker model stretchers and while they are heavy duty they are also alot heavier to handle then the Ferno's
  15. Nice site. The only thing I didn't really like was that there was really no pics of the trucks from the other 3 companies other then Hopewell since they have their own page. And since it sounds like a lot of the guys from East Fishkill work at the Mobil I was wondering if your able to leave for calls since you can almost say its a family business