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  1. I had heard talk through the grapevine about the "incidents" in question, but it was second and third hand info, not sure what was fact vs. fiction. Are they replacing both tankers, or just the one for now? Oh, and the "acting 914" is the ex-Silver Lake Pierce. Pocatello/Mt. Hope is still running the Good Will engine. NJ to AZ.....what's Maplewood doing? Replacing an engine that's only 7 years old? Or replacing the Spartan that is Engine 33 and current 32 gets re-numbered?
  2. It is a "temporary replacement" (company's words) for E-920, the 2008 Pierce Velocity, until the new one comes in. Not sure what all is exactly on order, but they had a legal notice a while back regarding the sale of four engines as "surplus", plus they have the two tankers that are 21 years old now. New tanker is currently under construction - Pierce Contender to be built on a Peterbilt chassis - which, based on the colors listed on the instructions, I am guessing will go to the Sugar Loaf station.
  3. Cronomer Valley FD (Orange Co.) seeking bids for "one or two" new pumper(s).
  4. A few other northern New Jersey rigs ordered late last year or earlier this year that I haven't heard anything about lately. Should be almost done? - KME pumper for Rochelle Park - KME ladder quint for Ho-Ho-Kus - Pierce Arrow XT 105' ladder for Maywood (referenced in same 1st Responder News column as two other engines that are recently completed) - Pierce Arrow XT PUC pumper-tanker for North Haledon - Pierce Impel 75' ladder (I assume quint) for Saddle Brook - Spartan ERV pumper for Mt. Freedom (Randolph Twp. - Morris Co.) - Spartan ERV mid-mount platform for Company 1 in Wayne E-One pumpers for Hampton Township and Sparta (both in Sussex County) should be delivered soon. In New York news, City of Middletown (Orange) seeking bids for a new rescue pumper, and Pine Bush is said to have acquired a 2005 American LaFrance/LTI mid-mount platform (ex-Summit, NJ) to replace their Mack Aerialscope. Woodbury's new Pierce Arrow XT engine should be delivered soon, if it isn't already. Kauneonga Lake (Sullivan Co.) recently placed into service a new Pierce Enforcer pumper.
  5. Pine Island (Orange) seeking bids for a new tanker. Plattekill (Ulster) will soon be adding to their fleet, if they haven't already, a Pierce Arrow XT PUC rescue pumper that was a former demo model.
  6. I didn't know North Hudson had a Scope. Did they pick up a used one from somewhere recently? Would not surprise me to see Glen Rock do it. The current one is unique in itself.....not too many out there on a Simon-Duplex chassis. Getting back to Harrison for a moment, it may also be that they want to become an all-Seagrave house, and at the moment, I believe the tower is the only "big" rig in there that isn't one, currently.
  7. I don't know if this is a fact, or just one of those things that people accept as such after hearing it repeated so many times, but it's my understanding that Seagrave will not build an Aerialscope on another manufacturer's chassis. So, if you want a 'Scope, you need to buy a Seagrave. If you want a 'Scope on a different chassis, you need to find an existing one and have it refurbed and remounted. But, of course, you are then talking about having non-authentic parts and equipment on it, as well as the lack of factory trained technicians who may or may not be familiar with that type of boom working on it. But, a good number of departments around the Northeast have gone that route and seem to be happy with the results.
  8. Confirmed: The earlier mentioned new Pierce engine for Cornwall (Orange) will be going to Highland as a replacement for the '85 Mack CF.
  9. It's getting rare enough to see a "clean" rig in this area anymore, never mind one in that kind of shape. I remember one of the guys on the model board (Mike Quinn, maybe?) commenting on a pic he posted that they had to wait a half hour beyond the daily training to be completed because the crew wanted to "wipe down" the rig before they posed it. I certainly wouldn't have objected to that. Would LOVE to shoot rigs that look that good! That having been said, did you get any of LAFD's newer KME engines?
  10. Possible, but the FWD/Seagrave at the Mountainville station is beyond due for replacement (based on age) as well. Will be interesting to see.
  11. I don't think Wyckoff is a PUC. Looks like a bit of a gap between the cab and body. I'm sure we'll see more pics of it once they do final inspection and/or it's delivered. Nyack (Rockland Co.) took delivery of two new KME pumpers yesterday. They will be assigned to Jackson Hose #3 and Highland Hose #5, replacing a 1984 Hahn and 1985 Pierce Arrow, respectively.
  12. I can't speak for the current condition of Rescue 40, but as GreatPlains588 mentioned, it is 23 years old this year......two years away from officially reaching antique status, and will likely be so before a replacement arrives (assuming said replacement is a custom order). Lot of places would have retired it years ago. In other news, an article in the paper the other day says Vails Gate (Orange) is looking to vote on purchasing a new rig. I assume a replacement for Engine 479?
  13. Eddie's already hard at work on USR's tanker.
  14. There were photos of the work in progress on Pal Park's rig posted on Ed's Facebook "fan page". It looks great! Can't wait to see it all finished. Hardyston Township's new Rosenbauer is coming in not lettered. Wonder if that's Ed's next blank canvas (once he finishes Upper Saddle River, that is)?
  15. Lakeside Engine 533 went to it's new home in Greeley, PA over the weekend. Guess now we know which company is getting the new engine. Don't know what it's going to be yet.