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  1. The 80% figure is way way off. The member that gave you that info should check the monthly reports. Your revenue figures are way off also!
  2. Why buy a helmet? Dosen't the FD provide you with turnout gear?
  3. Barney Miller Homicide,Life On the Street NYPD Blue
  4. I believe E. DiBartolo is the W. Co. Fire Coordinator for Batt. 17, not a Bat. Chief and his job is handling Mutual Aid.
  5. This thread is badly misnamed! The discussion is about consolidation, not elimination! Peters does not want any PO to lose his job, as far as I can determine. I like the level of service they give us now. Hope it stays that way.
  6. Only in America!!! Or the North Pole.
  7. What is the address of the building involved?
  8. One of the PD members on this dizzy thread mentioned that POs are not required to use seat belts. Dosen't make sense to me! Is this a fact? I can only hope that most PDs require their use.
  9. Looks like he is using his personal vehicle for his business. The District Vehicle was just sitting in his driveway in the tv report. Regardless, he should be suspended ASAP!
  10. Any one have an idea why gas prices went up between ten to fifteen cents suddenly? ( Westchester Co.)
  11. Way to go Howie. Palm Coast FD is growing in a hurry! Good for you and my relatives in the "F" section. Be safe! EO
  12. I guess you didn't listen to John McCain last night. He's going to work to help the new Pres. fix the problems facing us. Calling Obama a terrorist helps nobody! Get over it! Do some good.
  13. Why are the members of the West. Co. Executive's security detail all detectives? Doesn't make sense to me. Same with the River Patrol. Looking forward to some knowledgeable answers from the PD guys.
  14. Democrats favor labor. Republicans favor Corporations. (Haliburton comes to mind). No matter what else, It's your vote to be used as you wish. Just vote! Often!
  15. Good question. The web address given has the answers. Gas can definitely go bad. Use of fuel stabilizer for storage time is highly recommended!