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  1. TransCare is owned by Lynn Tilton (Founder & CEO, Patriarch Partners) this is the same company that ran American LaFrance into the ground.
  2. Smeal Fire Apparatus Buys ALF!Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Snyder, NE (June 9, 2014) – Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. announced today that is has acquired the assets of LTI, including LTI ladders, platforms and tractor-drawn aerials, Squrt® and TeleSqurt® boom-ladders and Snorkel® articulating aerial platforms. This acquisition enhances Smeal’s product offering to the fire service, adding an extensive line of aerial apparatus to the company’s already expansive line of industry-leading steel aerial ladders, platforms, and tillers. With the addition of LTI aerials, Smeal now offers the largest selection of aerial models available to the fire service. http://www.nefea.com/news.aspx?id=40
  3. https://www.facebook.com/SmealFire?ref=stream&fref=nf
  4. Lt. Bob Bogart visiting the fire house as a child
  5. Lieutenant Ed Bogart, his son Lieutenant Bob Bogart was on the job (retired), as is his grandson Lt. Scott Bogart.
  6. SUNDAY MARCH 25 1:00PM White Plains Fire Department Local 274 Vs. Westchester County Firefighters
  7. H. Abbot Griffen First career Fire Chief
  8. Hey Tim, Ask Tex if he has a better picture of Old E-2, 1949 ALF. Some one out west just bought it and wants to restore it.
  9. "Modern vehicles have state-of-the-art electronic electrical systems nowadays with semiconductor diodes integrated into the entire system. Semiconductors are made from material somewhere between the ranges of conductors and nonconductors. Semiconductors, basically, are designed to do one of three things: (1) stop the flow of electrons, (2) start the flow of electrons, or (3) control the amount of electron flow. A diode is, in effect, a one-way valve. It will conduct current in one direction and remain non conductive in the reverse direction. When current flows through the diode, it is said to be "forward biased." When current flow is blocked by the diode, it is "reverse biased." Touching battery cables together as the story goes is the reverse manner. Current will NOT flow. You will NOT drain the airbag capacitors." from Ron Moore University of Extrication http://www.firehouse.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-19555.html
  10. 1) Make sure the vehicle is in park 2) Make sure the ignition is off (look for smart key systems) remove smart key at least 25' from vehicle. 3) Chock the tires (Front and back) These are the first steps in vehicle stabilization and de-energizing the capacitors on the occupant restraint systems Once you have the vehicle stabilized you can access the battery, disconnect the negative side first and depending on the severity of the accident disconnect or cut all the wires attached to the battery negative and positive. Remember it’s an accident; try to find the fuse box in a vehicle that’s been crashed. The only time I can see cutting the airbags out would be for a disentanglement which usually means the victim is dead. Don’t forget the seatbelt pretensioner
  11. Bob, My condolences to you and your entire family. The true testament to an individual is how he is remembered; and as you know best, oh the stories we could tell. Griff
  12. I forgot to mention that there are systems that don't have Smart Bag Technology. Making it Hard for us to determine which vehicle have controlled inflators . The writing on the airbag warns "Risk of Injury" "Two stage airbag system. Airbag could trigger a second time" Holmatro's Rescuer's Guide to Vehicle Safety Systems and HURST Crash Recovery System Are excellent resources. You put in the Year, make and model of a car and all the hidden hazards of that model are displayed
  13. I don't want to confuse everyone but all the gas is released or ignited. With new Smart Bag Technology The airbag controller controls how hot to burn creating more or less gas and for the stored pressure how fast the gas is released. Confused yet? The problem lies with the us being able to determine if the secondary charge has deployed. COPIED FROM GM website: Avanced airbag technologies are being developed to tailor airbag deployment to the severity of the crash, the size and posture of the vehicle occupant, belt usage, and how close that person is to the actual airbag. Many of these systems use multi-stage inflators that deploy less forcefully in stages in moderate crashes than in very severe crashes. Occupant sensing devices let the airbag control unit know if someone is occupying a seat adjacent to an airbag, the mass/weight of the person, whether a seat belt or child restraint is being used, and whether the person is forward in the seat and close to the airbag. Based on this information and crash severity information, the airbag is deployed at either a high force level, a less forceful level, or not at all. Adaptive airbag systems may utilize multi-stage airbags to adjust the pressure within the airbag. The greater the pressure within the airbag, the more force the airbag will exert on the occupants as they come in contact with it. These adjustments allow the system to deploy the airbag with a moderate force for most collisions; reserving the maximum force airbag only for the severest of collisions. Additional sensors to determine the location, weight or relative size of the occupants may also be used. Information regarding the occupants and the severity of the crash are used by the airbag control unit, to determine whether airbags should be suppressed or deployed, and if so, at various output levels.
  14. Sorry had to go on a run: There are to types of infators 1) inflation system is not unlike a solid rocket booster. The air bag system ignites a solid propellant, which burns extremely rapidly to create a large volume of gas to inflate the bag. The bag then literally bursts from its storage site at up to 200 mph -- faster than the blink of an eye! A second later, the gas quickly dissipates through tiny holes in the bag, thus deflating the bag so you can move. Even though the whole process happens in only one-twenty-fifth of a second (250 ms) the additional time is enough to help prevent serious injury. Sodium Azide Class C Explosive Self Ignites When Heated To 600 Degrees. 2) compressed gas cylinder type inflator. High pressure gas is stored until the request for deployment is sent. At that time a disc inside the cylinder bursts and allows the gas to escape at high pressure to inflate the bag. Contains 3000 PSI