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  1. No I meant the agility but that's my answer then lol. Next time around maybe. Thanks for the quick reply
  2. Anyone hear anything about when physicals are to be scheduled?
  3. Thanks for the info. And yes it's good to have somewhat of a clue as to what's going on especially when they contacted 3 peekskill guys about the CPAT 24 hours before it was being given last year.
  4. Is the CPAT good for a certain amount of time or is it specific to the list? I took it last march but that was the last class to go through off that list. Also has a new CPAT been scheduled yet?
  5. Just got another canvas letter. Are they doing one more academy from the old list? Anyone else get any letters
  6. Did anyone take the CPAT the other week for the county? I believe this is the last round off that list?
  7. Did peekskill end up even hiring anyone?
  8. Anyone know which towns are going to the academy this fall / when it starts?
  9. I wonder how they're gonna say that this test is racist?
  10. So does anyone know about how long after the results from the written test are released that we will get to take the physical? How long has it taken after past tests?
  11. Is there any place that I could call to ask when they will start calling people about the physical?
  12. Does anyone know where I should call to ask about when the physical will be given for the last FDNY exam? I've heard some stories thAt the test may be thrown out, is this true?
  13. so does anyone actually have a response to what i was asking? lol
  14. Can anyone tell me why the civil rights leaders are protesting the last exam? I heard on the news some guy complaining about how just because someone gets an 80 on the test doesn't mean that they're going to be any less of a firefighter, YES, IT DOES. I know I wouldn't wanna be in a building with someone who answered those questions about the threads on a coupling wrong lol. My personal opinion is that anyone who studies hard for the test and prepares for the physical is being given just as equal of a chance as the the next guy.
  15. Vacguy, if you can get any girls up on the bar I will personally go and hijack White Plains engine, pull a line, and start hosing people down, that is so long as you post bail for me later lol.