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  1. Welcome to EMTBravo.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  2. The old Mack 75' single axle TL's went up pretty quick.
  3. Outside Vent firefighter
  4. Not sure of the rest of the Divisions, Division 7 - E42 Division 6 - E69, E92
  5. Check this out Cap. http://www.vententersearch.com/
  6. I think the only tiller in the city now is at Ladder 3.
  7. You have to draft from 2 inlets inorder to pump the capacity of a 2000 gpm pump.
  8. Had a fire years ago, same situation ( actually same street a block or 2 north), two frames, heavy fire between both. 1st engine strecthed into buidling on left. As 2nd due we stretched 2 1/2 to knock down fire between buildings. Fire did extend into both buildings but the main body of fire was between the buildings.It took a while to knock the fire down because it was front to back and top to bottom in the alley. Lines in the building will control the extension but the fire in between will kept burning unless addressed.The sooner the better. The 3rd line covered the building on the right. Depending on the situation, amount of fire, rescue,ladder Co. placement, etc, lining up the deck pipe with the alley and dropping the booster is a good move. Did that at a fire also with good success. JMO
  9. Chauffeur Training School
  10. I don't think PD answers the boxes. I was driving home from the firehouse years ago and was involved in an accident. I hit the PD side and never got a response. I hit the FD side, which was immediately answered. I told the dispacther who I was and gave him the info. I also told him I pushed the PD side. He stated they usually don't answer.
  11. Anybody know if there is an entrance fee?
  12. L53 was re -established in 1986 when E85 was closed.
  13. Its a spare squad. I think it can be used as an extra squad similar to when Rescue 6 was put in service during the convention. I am not sure but I think it is equipped with tools.