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  1. Could this be the Mayors next Press Release when they hit the tax Cap The Board first considered in depth the possibility of abolishing the paid firefighters Sanitation positions a couple of years ago but was able to avoid doing it at that time. Recently, with the budget deadline fast approaching and the possibility of having to override the tax cap looking more and more likely, the Board revisited the option of abolishing the paid firefighters Sanitation positions and decided that doing so was in the best interest of the Village and its taxpayers. The Private Contractor Start in June If you Work for the Village of Port Chester you Should be out with the Firefighters, You Could be Next. Using the Volunteers is just another way of Subcontracting Union jobs.
  2. 3. Vote to approve the settlement with the IAFF. Mayor Otis made a motion, seconded by Councilman Chu and unanimously carried, to approve the settlement with the IAFF for a contract commencing 1/1/05 through 12/31/09, as approved by the Board of Fire Wardens and the Fire Chiefs. THIS IS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING Dec 3rd 2004 City Manager Paul Shew said. He noted that the staffing complaint comes five months before paid firefighters will face contract negotiations. They still have Seventeen month on there contract not five, Get it right
  3. Yorktown Highway Department Yorktown Environmental Conservation Department ( Bulk Trash Collection & leaf recycling) the orange Mack's CRP Sanitation (Kitchen Trash collection & recycling)
  4. Take a look at Smalldog they sell Apple refurbished you can save some $$
  5. HFD750 is right about the ice. It was a very cold night and the water was running under the truck, ice built up under the truck, when truck slid toward the store the stabilizer on the drivers side kicked out and it went over.
  6. Yes I have experienced rosanna;s phone calls. The best time was when she called us from our pay phone in the lobby of the fire house. and I got to meet her.
  7. I am learning that there is a deference type's of departments, what about municipal, would it be the municipality like someone at town hall.
  8. Can it be given away to a member by the chief
  9. are you also including equipment that may not be old but considered surplus