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  1. Posted at the request of my chief to EMT Bravo members. As chief of the Pelham Manor fire department, I can now say (especially to all those doubters out there) that all the engineering, pre-planning, research, and long flights back and forth to Wisconsin were worth it. We now have (or will have in several days), virtually a brand new 2009 Seagrave 75' Tower Ladder- complete with a 500 HP Cummins diesel, Allison 4000EVS transmission, Spicer 1810 rear, with axles rated @ 22,800 and 33,500 F&R respectively. A full stainless body, seating for 4, state of the art electronics and hydraulics for the boom and jacking system, and just enough lights and sounds to get the job done- no parade wagon- a real work truck. Full marks go to Seagrave engineering staff, our salesman (name upon his authorization), and members of the PMFD for their input into this massive undertaking. 2361
  2. Pelham Manor is primary career
  3. Nice and simple and not technologically advanced. We have to remember to use the tools that are available to us. We don't always have to use specially crafted tools made just for the fire service.
  4. Now that's using your head and great collaboration with other agencies.
  5. Barely broken in
  6. Your getting tough in your old age
  7. can you elaborate more on this state aid to private schools.
  8. What does Pelham Manor have to do with this? By the way, we are awaiting the arrival af a new Tower Ladder.
  9. Lets see if this link works. 'trusses with no gussets' http://www.slideshare.net/guest030d82/trus...btype=slideshow
  10. Hudson, Can you send a link or other documentation concerning this. It sounds pretty dangerous ontop of the existing danger that truss construction affords us. Thanks
  11. Anytime Glad you are putting it to good use.
  12. Does anyone have these in their district? http://www.vententersearch.com/supplemental/vpsfdny.pdf http://www.vententersearch.com/supplemental/vpsbcfd.pdf While I don't have these, it's possible to find them in a neighboring district.
  13. There are a bunch of online sites that have some excellent material available. Here are some that I have referenced. http://brotherhoodinstructors.com http://www.mfri.org Good luck.
  14. I remember that benefit. the "7" words-I still remember them all and when I first heard them. It is ironic, we were just talking about him the other day at work. The "7" words were the main topic. May he rest in peace.
  15. Nice pics. thanks for the link info. Its a shome to see such a once beautiful building and part of history disappear :angry: